Effective Ways of Dealing Troubles of Your Appliances

Most of the common appliances like the fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, and others could break down and complicate your daily routine. You may ask yourself questions like what is the problem? Is it a job you can solve on your own or do you need an expert? You could access air-con service company in Singapore to help you in the tough problems, or you can do it yourself. In this article, you will learn how you can solve the problem and if needs a technician or if you have to throw it away.


Problem: ice is building on the fridge

The possible issue could be your defrost drain is banged up. The fridge moves through the defrost cycle where melted water goes through them to the drip pan. In case your drain is blocked, water begins to pool at the freezer’s bottom, then finally turning into ice. In case the freezer is at the top of your fridge, you will see the melted ice drenching on it. In case it is the side-by-side design, then it could drop to your floor.

Effective Ways of Dealing Troubles of Your Appliances

This issue may be solved through first removing all the food in the freezer and fridge. You could then unplug the compartment and let it thaw. Whatever will be stuck in the drain will move through.


Problem: the clothes are not drying

Experts advise that you should clean the filter every time after using it, but you will be surprised by how fast it builds sediment layers and even destroy your machine. A clogged filter will decrease the flow of air in the dryer. Even if the filter appears clean, run water on it. In case the water pools without draining through. Clean with soap,water, and a brush.

Effective Ways of Dealing Troubles of Your Appliances

Lint may also stack up in the machine’s vent, that is a fire threat, therefore clean the accumulated lint on your vent cover. Keep in mind that the dryer has to have adequate airflow.

Washing machine

Problem: there is a horrid smell in the front-loading machine.

Since the washing machine’s door has to shut tightly. The insides could stay damp and then grows mold. Mostly, this is apparent on the gasket sealing the door.

Effective Ways of Dealing Troubles of Your Appliances

You could solve this problem by running your washing machine without clothes in it on the hot clean water cycle, by means of a cleaner tablet inside.

Gas burner

Problem: it does not light up

In case you are trying to light the burner and there is no flame, only the igniter’s clicking sound, there is a high chance you have run out of gas or you have spilled. Some food is in the wrong place may hinder the burner from firing up.

Effective Ways of Dealing Troubles of Your Appliances

The burner clogs up easily, therefore use a clean cloth and a far dissolvent to clean around your burner thoroughly.

Electric Stove

Problem: it does not get hot

Putting a lot of weight on the electric burner may destroy it. You may push the burner to ascertain if indeed it has a good connection with the top part of the stove. In case they are destroyed and it’s the coil-kind burner, you only need to replace the coils.

Effective Ways of Dealing Troubles of Your Appliances

There could be other problems which require the work of an expert in solving them. But the above information will give you the knowledge of what could be wrong with the appliances. Potentially, this will help you save some money.

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