Electronic Visas – Taking Planning to a New Level

All travelers know that it goes a lot of time and effort into planning the perfect vacation. Most of the times, getting your visa is at the top of your list because it may take the longest. Getting your equipment and other travel-related items is easy compared to a visa. However, that may not be the case anymore. More and more countries choose to issue electronic visas. Whether it is for tourism enhancement or unwanted delays, it does not really matter. The applicants are the beneficiaries in this case, and it made things a whole lot easier.

Introducing iVisa

There are many third-party companies that will take all the bureaucracy off your hands when it comes to applying for a visa. One of them is iVisa. The company came forward in 2014, and it has had thousands of satisfied clients ever since. That is because they provide excellent service at competitive prices. You can use their services a well, and I can guarantee that you will have a delightful experience.

Electronic Visas - Taking Planning to a New Level

You must meet the requirements

Just as with any other issuing authority, you need to meet some eligibility criteria. First of all, you need to see if the destination country issues electronic visas for the citizens of your country of origin. Lucky for you, iVisa has a simple-to-use tool that can tell you that in just a second. For example, let’s say that you are a US citizen who wants to travel to Cambodia. You are eligible for a Cambodia evisa.

Electronic Visas - Taking Planning to a New Level

Next item on the list is to check if you have the proper documentation. The general requirement is that you have a valid passport. In our example, you need a valid passport that has at least one blank page. Furthermore, your passport needs to maintain its validity for at least another 6 months from your date of departure. If you do not have a passport, it should be easy to obtain. Even passport photos are available online. Thanks to the internet, you have your work cut off for you.

How long does it take to process? Is it expensive?

You would think that hiring someone to apply for a visa for you is expensive. You are wrong, however. Compared to other companies, iVisa has low prices, which is why many people prefer it. However, the cost of your visa depends on how fast you want it. As you can expect, emergent cases cost more, so the quicker you want your visa, the more you will be charged. Even so, iVisa seeks to satisfy the needs and budget of every client, which is why it gives you three options: Standard, Rush, and Super Rush.

Electronic Visas - Taking Planning to a New Level

Let’s take our Cambodia example. The Standard processing lasts 4 business days, the Rush processing 2 business days, and the Super Rush takes only 24 hours. As for the cost, you will have to pay $60, $90, and $120 respectively. The fees are nothing compared to the effort of going to an embassy, which may require a day off from work and a trip (depending on where is the Cambodian diplomatic mission located in your country.)

Electronic Visas - Taking Planning to a New Level

As you can see, getting an electronic visa is way more convenient than getting a consular one. The effort is close to non-existent, the prices are not very high, and most importantly, you do not have to deal with government forms and a lot of frustration. You do not even have to get out of the house if you have all the documents on standby.

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