Epic & Exotic Places Await Sydneysiders At The City’s Doorstep!

For years now, attractions such as Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Darling Harbour, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney Tower, Circular Quay and pristine beaches have been attracting visitors from across the globe towards the stunning capital of New South Wales. There is little doubt that all the Australian states are densely packed with spectacular tourist attractions, which drive tourist movement like anything, but when you talk about Sydney it certainly has a little more charm.

No matter where you go in Sydney, you will find beautiful places to while away hours. Yes, that completely correct, Sydney is a well-known tourist spot in Australia and it gives tough competition to places like Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Perth etc. when it comes to captivating the attention of holidaymakers.

Epic & Exotic Places Await Sydneysiders At The City’s Doorstep!

However, in this post, we will be talking about the places that are a little far away from this city and hence they can also prove to be the best weekend escapes for the people of Sydney. Since New South Wales is bordered by states like Queensland in the north, South Australia in the west, and Victoria in the south, tourists from these states visit Sydney and its outlying areas quite frequently to explore its actual beauty.

Here Are Some Of Those Destinations That You Visit To Satisfy Your Soul.

#1. Jarvis Bay

The wilderness or tranquility that you are looking forward to can be obtained by you in the Jarvis Bay, and the excellent place to while away with family on the weekends. If you want to spend quality time exploring the white beaches, it the perfect option for you. You should not be ignoring this option if you want to get experience nature in its true sense. Whether you talk about exploring the food, enjoying the time while drinking some of the best wines at the sea facing restaurants or discovering unique wildlife, you have to head straight to Jarvis Bay.

Epic & Exotic Places Await Sydneysiders At The City’s Doorstep!

#2. Explore Beach Towns

Batemans Bay is one of the most stunning beach towns near Sydney. Located at the Prince Highway, it is nearly 280 kilometers away from the lovely capital of New South Wales. That means from Sydney you can easily reach Batemans Bay in around three and a half hour if you drive at a very mild speed. You can do everything in this place including shopping, explore mouth-watering cuisines, discover unique wines and enjoy awesome time in the beaches etc.

Epic & Exotic Places Await Sydneysiders At The City’s Doorstep!

#3. Visit Stunning Vineyards

If you want to spend some incredible time exploring the best vineyards of Australia, you can head straight to Hunter Valley, which is some 120 kilometers north of Sydney. If you are traveling in a campervan, you may cover this distance only in one and a half hour. For hiring a quality vehicle, you can get in touch with Aussie Campervans, which offers self-drive vehicles on rent at all most every Australian city which I I hired in last summer holidays.

Hunter Valley region is one of the most epic wines producing areas in the country, so you should never miss the opportunity to explore it. If you are ready to spend a couple of days in the Hunter Valley, you can easily explore around 150 wineries here. You must discover the beauty of Hunter Valley for the simple fact that it allows you enjoy some of the best wines in the world. Hunter Valley vineyards are absolutely beautiful and you can easily spend hours exploring them.

Epic & Exotic Places Await Sydneysiders At The City’s Doorstep!

#4. Discover Peaceful Mountains

If you love exploring mountainous regions you should definitely try to discover the blue mountains. Traveling through the mountains is the best way to experience nature and its many shades. If you visit the Blue Mountains which are located in the west of Sydney, you can discover highly beautiful waterfalls, a variety of stunning trees, stunning birds and other types of wild animals. It’s such a place wherein you can spend your entire day very easily.

Epic & Exotic Places Await Sydneysiders At The City’s Doorstep!

#5. Explore Pristine Beaches

Have you ever thought of exploring turquoise waters? If your answer is no, then start thinking now, because it offers can unbelievable experience. To explore the combination of greenish cum bluish waters you have to visit Lord Howe Island. This island is nearly two hours away from Sydney, hence you can easily access it. Beaches are not the only thing that you can discover here, as it is also famous for among tourists for highly mesmerizing mountain ranges.

Epic & Exotic Places Await Sydneysiders At The City’s Doorstep!

#6. Explore Laudable Views At Port Stephens

Port Stephens, which is famous for its exemplary bays and squeaky clean beaches, is an excellent weekend escape for Sydneysiders. This extraordinary family holiday destination incorporates around 26 beaches, all of which are tremendously beautiful. People who love playing water sports like swimming, snorkeling, and surfing can easily spend a couple of days at Port Stephens.

In addition to that, people who are not that crazy for water sports, but love to explore marine life, can easily spend days on this beautiful island. People often visit this place to see dolphins and other attractive fishes.

Epic & Exotic Places Await Sydneysiders At The City’s Doorstep!

#7. Find Out The Phenomenal Attractions At Manly

Manly, which is one of the most stunning beachside suburbs in Sydney is a great place to spend some fun-filled moments with your family. Manley beach is one of the best places that this northern Sydney suburb offers you. You can take your entire family to Manley beach and can have a great time out there. Once you reach the beach, you will find people from all over the word having fun with their families.

Epic & Exotic Places Await Sydneysiders At The City’s Doorstep!

The kind of tourist destinations that have been mentioned above can be found all across New South Wales, hence you must take out some time from your busy schedules to explore this absolutely remarkable Australian state. Though it’s completely true that Sydney is highly beautiful, but you should also see a large number of places which are located outside the city. In short, if you want to discover the beauty of New South Wales in the true sense, you should not limit your trip to Sydney alone.

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