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How Can European Oak Flooring Add Beauty and Elegance to The Space?

Looking to transform your home and make it look stunning? Solid wooden floor is the way to doing so. Solid wooden floor has groove sides and tongue that may be connected easily. Each and every piece of solid wood has different sort of grain to offer stunning and unique looks whenever used. There are many varieties of solid wooden floors. When compared to solid floorboard, engineered floorboard has many advantages. Not only are engineered floorboards cheaper but also they are eco-friendly. It is there for around 20 years and has grown in popularity.

French Oak or European oak is the hard wood floor which is slow growing. It comes from Europe and so the name is European oak. It is used since centuries for barrel coopering, for floors, ship building and furniture production. The natural feature of European oak flooring makes it an appealing option. We found some nice ranges here.

Wondering what is European oak flooring? Flooring which is prepared by using European oak or French oak is termed as European oak flooring. Some of the key features of European oak are high density to make it durable and strong. Natural and beautiful tight grain variations help to create stunning surfaces. Due to the high tannin content of the flooring material, it is insect resistant and pest resistant. You can drill it, cut it and glue no matter how hard it is.

America and Europe Are the Leading Producers of Hard Wood

America and Europe are world famous for making hardwood floors. In Europe, oak is available in various colors and types. They are European oak, both red and white. Each kind has its own color, hardness and grain characteristics. The cherry wooden floor is again a popular choice owing to the solid composition and practically different kind of grain marking. Just like other kinds of hardwood materials, it is durable and very much resistant to damage. European redwood, for instance, has pale yellow and red shade which is a solid environmental choice. Being attractive, affordable, the material has knotty appearance to add color and character to the space wherever used. The wood is the strongest and hardest kind and so it is a popular flooring material.

European Oak Is Prized for Durability and Massive Strength

There are various categories and kinds of European oak flooring and white oaks that are the most popular choice for floors. It is known for massive durability and strength. Engineered oak floor is much superior to solid timber floor. Engineered floor can tolerate moisture and is environment friendly option. The installation is also hassle free. The beautiful hardwood material has superior wear features. The cutting method may produce great variations of grain quality in a singular plank. Being stronger in nature, it can tolerate moisture to a great extent. So, the floor surface will remain intact for long. The floor product is more sustainable when compared to solid wooden floor. Engineered board is far cheaper since less of hardwood is utilized. Pre-finished wood is faster to install. The kind of look, color, finish that European oak has completes the look of the home. European oak is real oak and so you must watch out for the specification as you may end up with alternative hardwood. Consider the board thickness, size and overall length. For a large space, you must consider longer planks.

Find a reliable manufacturer of floorboards and solid oak floors. Look for warranty over the product. Proper installation, care and maintenance are still required. Use matching accessories and a compatible underlay. Look for local retail showroom near to your place to find solid oak floors. European oak wood carries golden honey shade and is slightly darker having a wavy grain pattern.

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