The Dutch are known for their amazing power over water. Wherever water appears, it scurries away in the face of the Dutch with their polders, dikes and dams. The Dutch have learned how to live with the water and how to turn it into something productive and beautiful. This is something the Venetians have long struggled with. If you go on a trip to the Netherlands, you will be able to experience all of this first hand.

Viking River Cruises and the Dutch Waters

If you want to experience the Dutch waters, then you simply must try the Tulips & Windmills Viking River Cruises tour. This trip takes place in spring, where you will be able to experience the true splendour of the Dutch. A true explosion of colours will be visible, with flowers and other beauty everywhere. Your tour will also take you through some of the medieval cities of Belgium. As both countries are small and near each other, it is relatively easy to do this.

Experience the Dutch Waters

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You will also have plenty of time to spend in Amsterdam, a true cosmopolitan city with something for everybody. It has some of the best museums in the world and you simply cannot miss the Red Light District, even if it is just to look at what all the fuss is about. Compare it to Belgium’s Antwerp, which you will also get to visit, as well as Bruges and Ghent.

Experience the Dutch Waters

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Most importantly, you will learn how the Dutch have battled the waters since their country first developed. You will see the fantastic Delta where the Dutch have conquered the sea after the great flood. You will see the amazing windmills that these people are so famous for and you may even see a few people on clogs working on their tulips. Of course, you simply cannot forget to sample some of the world’s most delicious Dutch cheeses, but don’t forget to sample the Belgian chocolates and waffles either while you are there.

Experience the Dutch Waters

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The Canals of Amsterdam

The highlight of your trip is found in Amsterdam and its canals. Venice truly doesn’t have a patch on this. It is certainly true that you won’t be able to go on a romantic gondola trip on the canals of Amsterdam, but there is so much more to it. You also don’t have to experience the hideous pollution that sets Venice apart, for instance.

Experience the Dutch Waters

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Amsterdam is an amazing city in which it is imply impossible to spend a single minute bored. From the Sex Museum to the Anne Frank Museum, from the Condom Museum to the Torture Museum, from cute little cafes to huge nightclubs and discos, from markets to five star restaurants, there is truly something for everybody in this amazing city.

Experience the Dutch Waters

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Your 11 day tour from Amsterdam to Amsterdam is a tour you will never forget. Additionally, since Viking River Tours wants to make sure that everybody is able to experience the holiday of a lifetime, it is incredibly affordable as well.

Experience the Dutch Waters

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