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Explore the Best of Georgia Tourism

Georgia, a state with a unique culture and running on different set of rules all together. If ones plan to unwind on vacation, one has to come and visit and experience this state apart from their commercial and industrial standing in the globe as it has one the best rich tourist’s attraction sites in the US.

Stone Mountain

A natural wonder that has been beautifully integrated and blended with human creativity and innovation. The rock mountain in Georgia has by far one of the largest granite depositions that cover an extensive earth coverage of 7.5 billion cubic feet. This granite has over time been shaped with weather elements to unique shapes. To complement this activities have been introduced to keep the whole place active and abuzz with activity that include; cable rides to the mountain, train rides, river boat rides, a movie theater and interactive games, to keep the adrenaline flowing and giving you no chance to get bored.

Image by Samuel Mann via Flickr

By KyleAndMelissa22 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Rock city

As the name suggests this place is purely made of various rock formations that attract hundreds of thousands to the site The whole feature is made more intriguing with the aspects of waterfalls and swinging bridges that make its beauty stand out A deer park is also seen to the west of the rock city, holding one of the largest conversational deer parks in the US. To top this mother goose village brings all the fairy tale characters to life and makes you experience the whole story telling from a different perspective regardless of your gave.

Image by derek slagle via Flickr

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Image by Kay Gaensler via Flickr

World of Coca Cola

This is by far the one of the few places in the world that has such a big memorabilia of the past and foundation of the biggest soft drink brand name in the world. Apart from the impressive sculpture one gets to see the history of where the idea all me from and the struggles the company started from the three story high museum is undeniably made irresistible not by the self-guided tour through the pop culture gallery but by the 60 different coke products that one gets to see and taste. On top of this one gets to see movies in the 4D theater movie hall, taking the whole experience to another level.

Image by Rachel Patterson via Flickr

Image by Drew Bennett via Flickr

Image by Matt Howry via Flickr

Little White House

The little cottage holds one of the best and saddest memories of former US President Franklin Roosevelt. Known for having come here to spend time from Washington and all the political drama, he had hoped that the peace and healing water from spring will cure him from polio. An unfinished portrait of him stands in the cottage together with his dog leash and other memorabilia of his presidency.

Image by Janine via Flickr

Image by Segub via Flickr

Image by Janine via Flickr

6th Cavalry Museum

A place to visit especially if one is intrigued about the past wars and accomplishment. It is in this museum that the story of the fighting six comes to life and takes form. Stationed at fort Oglethorpe, the museum features uniform and 19th century weapons, photos and exhibits showing the regime of civil war and World War 1 war. One gets to have a self-guided tour and gets to spot copra gunship helicopter and the Patton tank which are a rare sight.

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This five feature to see in Georgia are one of the few that evoke different reactions to them giving a taste of how exactly the great Georgia came to be. It’s cheap, it’s inviting and all made possible with the provision of an esta card.

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