Come summers, people start planning summer vacations and every year, they try to look for a different and unique place. If you are looking for unique hill getaways to escape from the harsh and the scorching heat of the summers, consider following places that may suit your requirements perfectly.


Chopta is also referred as the India’s mini Switzerland, this place is located in Uttrakhand. It is known for its beautiful and scenic landscapes that attract a large number of tourists every summer. The place is not yet commercialized and people can still enjoy its unspoiled beauty. Though, the majority of tourists come here to spend their summer vacations, the place looks all the more beautiful during the winters when snow falls. The mountain ranges covered with snow offer a wonderful experience. This is no doubt a place that is off touristy circuit and waiting to be explored!

Explore Less Known Hill Getaways For This Summer Vacation

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Lahaul Spiti

Visiting Lahaul Spiti is another perfect way of avoiding torturous summers of the Northern Plains. This secluded valley is worth exploring as it is inundated with nature’s charm in the most unthinkable ways. Trekkers can find many treks in the area that offers them excellent trekking in Ladakh opportunities. The rugged terrains are perfect for experienced trekkers. Besides enjoying these serene landscapes, people can also indulge in mountain climbing, mountain biking, rafting and other adventurous activities.

Explore Less Known Hill Getaways For This Summer Vacation

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The place derives its name from the well known “Tawang Monastery”. Located in Arunachal Pradesh, it is a beautiful hilly town that is nestled amidst mighty Himalayan range. Even the drive to this place offers breathtaking and scenic landscapes to enjoy and after reaching here, this town can be enjoyed with its resplendent beauty. This place is perfect for the nature lovers as well as adventure minded people who get to enjoy amazing treks in the Himalayas. This is one place that has not been touched by commercialization as is seen in many well known hill stations.

Explore Less Known Hill Getaways For This Summer Vacation

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This place is located in the Sirmour District and is basically a pine forest that stretches to almost 7 kms length. This is a perfect place for camping and exploring the nature’s bounties without any distraction. People can enjoy fresh air without any dust, dirt or pollution that rules their lives for the remaining part of the year. If you are a person looking for some solitude, peace and serenity, this is a must visit place for you. This offbeat wonder is better than Manali and is a total charming place to visit this summer!

Explore Less Known Hill Getaways For This Summer Vacation

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If you wish to visit the famous valley of flowers in Sikkim, Lachung is the place from where you can begin your journey. This sleepy, mountain village of Sikkim is perched at a height of 8610 ft. People love to enjoy the snow clad mountain range, cascading waterfalls, crystal clear streams and flourishing apple orchards. Besides the scenic views and excellent weather, there are many other attractions that can be enjoyed after reaching here. One of the main attractions is trekking in Yumthung Valley, which is thoroughly enjoyed by the trekking enthusiasts. There are many vantage points from where the magnificence of the Himalayan range can be enjoyed and appreciated.

Explore Less Known Hill Getaways For This Summer Vacation

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Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley is a beautiful place located in the Kullu District. This is one of the most virgin and surreal destinations in the area that has not yet faced the ravages of urbanization. Just imagine 4-5 days, embraced in the loving envelope of nature with musical notes emitted by the river, bob fires at night and tall trees creating a perfect ambience. Trout fishing is one of the major activities besides nature trails that can be enjoyed here.

Explore Less Known Hill Getaways For This Summer Vacation

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If you have saturated North Indian hilly destinations, you can embark on a sojourn to South India, a region that is equally beautiful because of its highly diverse landscapes. One of the spectacular hill stations esconsed within the Red Hills is Kotagiri. It is a part of Ooty, but is not yet explored. The salubrious weather of the place and amazing scenic views make the vacation enjoyable and memorable one. You can enjoy activities like mountain cycling and short hikes in the thick forests on the fringes of this sleepy town.

Explore Less Known Hill Getaways For This Summer Vacation

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Located in the state of Uttrakhand, this is a beautiful Little Kashmir that is quite popular among trekking enthusiasts. Trekkers going to Ralam glaciers, Milam and Nanda Devi Peak treat this place as their base camp. Beautiful snow capped peaks can be seen from this place. In the mornings and evenings, clouds come down and cover the peaks with their delicate mists creating a perfect romantic environment.

Explore Less Known Hill Getaways For This Summer Vacation

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If you wish to plan for a trekking expedition in the Himalayas and the Kanchenjunga, you need to start your journey from Pelling located in West Sikkim. This place itself offers unique attractions and scenic views to enjoy and appreciate. It has not yet suffered from the excesses of tourism activity and as such it is perfect for the traveler looking for a quiet holiday.

Explore Less Known Hill Getaways For This Summer Vacation

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