There is nothing better than traveling by bicycle. First, you will get in the best possible shape of your life. Riding all day, every day will do tone you up like you never thought possible. Your legs will look amazing, there will barely be any fat on your body, and on top of all of this, your lung capacity will get much better, helping you do other sports and physical activities. You will also learn how to push yourself more, how to persevere like never before.

Next, traveling by bicycle means you will be able to soak in everything around you. The air, nature, every single part of the trip will be there, in front of you. Furthermore, you are much more mobile. No need to look for parking spaces or things of that nature – it’s enough to just wander into a town and hope for the best.

Finally, biking around the world means you get to see much of it first hand for a small cost. Sure, it’s not easy to bike hundreds of thousands of miles on your first trip, you won’t get to go as far as you would by car, but you will do so in a significantly lower price.

Explore the World - Top 12 Bike Cycling Holidays

Now, there are many benefits to riding a bicycle for the holidays, but one important fact that you need to consider is – where should I even go? There are many places that are perfect for cyclists. You can start from your own town, or maybe travel to a specific location and then ride on form there. The world is your oyster.

Central America – Pan Am route

One of the most exhilarating and fascinating routes you can take is on the Pan America Highway. You will go through Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. This entire trip can last for a couple of days, letting you go through the lush countryside of Nicaragua. Then, as you go on, you will reach Irazu, the highest volcano in Costa Rica. This will also be the perfect time you can take a break, right at San Jose. From there ride along sugarcane plantations, and maybe even go take a raft and go downriver down to through the land of the Indigenous Cavecar.

Explore the World - Top 12 Bike Cycling Holidays

Finally, reaching Panama, enjoying all the gorgeous nature, you can snorkel in the beautiful crystal clear water, go up on the highland tracks, and finally explore Panama City.

The Baltics

This trip brings you to the Baltic states of Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia. These countries give you a strange and simply enchanting mix of wild and beguiling nature, combined with the town that seems like they’ve come right out of a storybook. We suggest you begin in Tailing, with its medieval spires, its funky bars, and then go right to Riga for some late-night partying. Your cycling holiday can then bring you to Lithuania’s Curonian Spit National Park, a place where you can enjoy generous beaches and simply endless, wonderful dunes.

Explore the World - Top 12 Bike Cycling Holidays

After this, we suggest you check out Old Town found right in Talling, which then leads you to Route 10. Now, Route 10 needs to be seen to be believed – this is a road that cuts right through the Baltic Sea. Then, stay for a while in the Estonian countryside, stay awhile in a cottage surrounded by forests and gorgeous lakes. Check out the Latvian city of Jumala, and enjoy the gorgeous white sand beaches.

Get a taste of New Zealand

One of the best places for cycling in the entire world is New Zealand. Renowned for its beauty, its appeal, best known as a place of absolutely enchanting nature, New Zealand needs to be seen to be believed. Here you can find amazing people, amazing wine, beautiful islands, and even more beautiful hamlets.

Explore the World - Top 12 Bike Cycling Holidays

Now, you should also remember that New Zealand is the capital of adventure tourism, of adrenaline sports, and just raw, wild action. Get to Queenstown, cycle on the Central Otego Trail, visit Alexandra, Omakau, Hyde, and Wedderburn. Check out the open plains, pristine rivers, check out some Southern hospitality, pedal through the country and soak up some rays and some beauty.

Go down the Silk Road

The old, fabled Silk Road is one of the most important trade routes of the ancient world. Go to Central Asia, try out mountain biking through Kazakhstan. We suggest you start in the northern foothills of Tian Shan. From there you will be facing gravel roads, braving desolate terrain, and get to the steppe, a huge grassland area filled with amazing valley that will leave you breathless. From there you can check out farming villages, camps filled with the Kazakh people, nomadic shepherds that come to these lands during the summers, letting their flocks of sheep and herds of horses graze.

Explore the World - Top 12 Bike Cycling Holidays

Furthermore, you should go to Charyin Canyon, move down a route that goes from the Silk Road to the Kegen Plateau, and Lake Tuzkol. Cycle around colorful sandstone formations, hike up the Singing Sand Dune, and above all try to stay safe, but also have fun.

Go up the Himalayas

One of the greatest mountain biking destinations in the entire world is Nepal. First, you want to start at Pokhara, bike for a couple of days along this area’s classic routes. Things like the Kali Horseshoe, the Annapurna Massif, all of these need to be seen to be believed.

Explore the World - Top 12 Bike Cycling Holidays

From there, go to the Marshyangdi River, very close to the town of Gorka. We suggest you climb up the Kathmandu Valley rim, and then go fast downhill to Kathmandu. This area has amazing people and a strange and unique terrain you will never see again in your life anywhere else.

The beauty of China

There is a kind of beauty in China that cannot be reproduced in image, book, or film. Simply put, it needs to be seen. Gorgeous karst limestone landscapes, mixtures of green, yellow, purple, and orange all come together and create the beautiful watercolor that is China’s scenery.

Explore the World - Top 12 Bike Cycling Holidays

Check out the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, and then go hiking or during the Tiger Leaping Gorge, until you come to the town of Lijang, a World Heritage Town that has existed for more than one thousand years.

We then suggest you go to Yangzhou. Here, you can ride to the town of Xinping, another city full of history and ancient culture.

South Africa

If you truly want to experience South African we suggest you try out route 62. You begin in Stellenbosch vineyards. Here you can try out some of the best, most delicious wines South Africa has to offer. The roads here are surprisingly good, perfect for riding with a partner on high-quality tandem bikes all day long. You and your friends or significant other can ride along, bask in the beauty of the surrounding area, and take breaks to taste wine and grab some food.

Explore the World - Top 12 Bike Cycling Holidays

Then, you should go further, right to the sea. There you can go whale watching from Hermanugs, and move towards the Cape of Good Hope, check out the Boulders Penguin Colony, or just found a shady spot next to a road, and relax.

Don’t miss out on Peru

You want to hike on the Inca Trail and see the sites that have remained of this fascinating and ancient culture. Cycle along this trial, see what this South American country can offer you.

First, start in Lima, bask in the cities beauty, and when you’re done, look at just how gorgeous the coastline is. From there move to Cusco, and look at all of the many archaeological sites. Ride your bike across the countryside, move across and around the Sacred Valley. And of course, no article about Peru can miss out on recommending you see Machu Picchu. Find a road that leads you here, and see why it has been voted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Explore the World - Top 12 Bike Cycling Holidays

Burma and its jungles

As of yet, there are still no cycling trails ready in the jungles of Burma, and honestly, it’s better that way. Too much have we crossed into nature, into the wild. We need to leave some room, some space for the wild to stay that way, after all. So, we propose you stay in Myanmar, beginning with Yangon, move up to Mandalay, and visit Inle Lake.

Explore the World - Top 12 Bike Cycling Holidays

You will get quiet roads, beautiful terrain, and a million and one natural beauties. With its rural countryside and amazing nature, Myanmar is one of those places that can only be appreciated by bike or on foot. Check out Yangon’s attractions, go north and see the city of Bagan, bask in the glory of its many, many temples. Go towards Mount Popa, cycle through the route near the forest, and reach this amazing destination. Fishermen and farmers do their work, spend their lives here, all surrounded by Buddha effigies and a world alien to Western eyes.

The uniqueness of Laos and Vietnam

You must not miss out on Hanoi, if you like a challenge when it comes to your riding. Namely, this is a backroad adventure that leas you right through the North West of Vietnam, over Tram Ton Pass, right into Laos. Now, we can’t fail to mention that Tram Ton Pass is one of the highest road passes in Vietnam, so be ready for some vertigo if you do go here.

Explore the World - Top 12 Bike Cycling Holidays

Next, we advise you to go through the Sapa region, across terraced valleys, all the while sticking to traditional routes and visiting small villages. Finally, you will reach Luan Probang, one of the most fascinating and picturesque cities in the world. Namely, also known as the Town Of Luna Prabang, it’s a Heritage Site that is a blend of rural and urban development, a combination of preserved architecture and historical and religious sites.

Central Europe

Want to see some cathedrals? Maybe pretty villages that look like they have come out form a postcard, maybe a castle or two, orchards, gothic cathedrals, living history right here and there? Then Central Europe is the place to be. Austria, Germany, Switzerland, all of these places need to be seen. You get mountain scenery, breath-taking nature, lakes, cycle paths, all of this waiting for you and your bicycle.

Explore the World - Top 12 Bike Cycling Holidays

Just imagine, pedaling away next to an ancient castle, basking in its glory, its scenery, its history. You are there, in nature, away from traffic and roads and busy life – just you, two wheels, and the sky above you.

Exotic Morocco

The Jebe Sahro region in Morocco is one of the most wondrous cycling adventure holidays you can see. You get the amazing climate of Jebel Sahtro which is perfect for cycling as long as it’s not the summer. So, start at Todra Gorge, go up, and reach the mountain areas where you can find Berber shepherds, and enjoy whatever else may be in front of you. Cross Tamtattouchte Pass, then visit Dades Valley, until you finally see the town of Zagora, a small oasis town at the edge of the Sahara, found on Boumalne Dades.

Explore the World - Top 12 Bike Cycling Holidays

This is one of the more adventurous items on our lists, one that you need to prepare for properly. Keep your cardio up, stick to your workouts, and drink lots of water if you want to make the most out of this trip.


And there you have it folks – our little guide on pedalling all around the world on your bicycle. Whether it’s the beauty of Peru you are interested in, or perhaps recreating the famous Silk Road of old, we are certain you can find something on this list that interests you. Maybe you want to see Kazakhstan? Perhaps you prefer the Baltics, with a view of Estonia, Lithuania, or Latvia. Central Europe might have what you crave, or maybe the Himalayas present the challenge you are interested in. Finally, what you might need is a bit of adrenalin, received form going to New Zealand and enjoying the adrenaline sports capital of the world.