The United Kingdom is blessed with more than its fair share of landscapes, wildlife sites, nature reserves and landmarks, which makes it an ideal location for photographic opportunities. If you ever needed inspiration to learn to drive then this, surely, is it. You could spend a lifetime exploring each and every corner of this beautiful island – and photographing its many magnificent quirks.

Here are five of the most stunning sites that can be found in the UK – they’re guaranteed to get you reaching for your camera, car keys and map…


The Lake District is renowned for its spectacular views, and one area that has also proved popular with photographers is Derwentwater. With its acres of rolling hills, beautiful clear lakes and blue skies, Derwentwater is situated in the borough of Allerdale. It’s an ideal location for taking stunning panoramic shots, and there are a number of Lakeside marinas, which also make ideal locations for photo shoots.

Five of the Most Incredible Photograph Opportunities in the UK

The Jurassic Coast

This location should be on the list of every keen landscape photographer. Located in the south, the Jurassic Coast is a World Heritage site that stretches 95 miles, and it provides ample opportunity to take photographs of some of the UK’s most breath-taking cliff side views. Specific areas to look out for along the way include the Fossil Forest and Lulworth Cove. The Jurassic Coast also makes popular UK holiday spots like Exmouth, Lyme Regis and Weymouth easily accessible.

Five of the Most Incredible Photograph Opportunities in the UK

Farne Islands, Northumberland

The islands, which are located in Northumberland, are renowned for their wildlife, especially the puffins. These striking black-and-white birds make excellent subjects for the wildlife photographer and the idyllic scenery provides a stunning backdrop. As well as the puffins, Farne Islands is also known for being home to a number of other breeds of birds including guillemots and razorbills and you’ll see seals there too. The Farne Islands are estimated to attract 100,000 birds a year, and combined with the magnificent views, this really is one of the most incredible photographic opportunities in the UK.

Five of the Most Incredible Photograph Opportunities in the UK

Stonehenge, Wiltshire

This ancient Wiltshire site continues to intrigue and beguile visitors from far and wide. Whether it’s during the daytime or at sunset, the vast landscape of Stonehenge gives the ideal opportunity to take some captivating photographs. In addition, Stonehenge is famed for its wildlife population, and the views vary depending on the season, which means there are always changing landscapes to capture on film.  There is a programme of events held throughout the year to add to the picture opportunities.

Five of the Most Incredible Photograph Opportunities in the UK

Loch Ness

Everyone loves an age-old mystery don’t they? The tale of the famous monster ensures that Loch Ness always attracts more than its fair share of tourists. While capturing an unlikely snap of the monster on camera might propel you to fame – this site is as equally well known for its lakes and beautiful scenery to provide some more tangible targets for your lens. Loch Ness stretches more than 20 miles; its hillside views and clear skies are perfect picture fodder – especially at sunrise. Urquhart Castle, Fort Augustus and the Fall of the Foyers also give the photographer ample chance to take landscape pictures.

Five of the Most Incredible Photograph Opportunities in the UK