This is What You Get for Spending $45.000 for One Night at Four Seasons Hotel in NYC

The “mare mortals” probably have never thought about staying in a hotel where for just one night they need to give unbelievably $45.000, but it is always interesting what you will get when sometimes they can afford this luxury.

The Four Seasons Hotel in the center of New York, is the place where the visitors should pay this amount of $45.000 for staying in one of the hotels penthouses!

Anyways, for the guests not to say that for that enormous price they got only an overnight accommodation, in the room with the view of Central Park they get much more!

Those that will pay some thousands of dollars, in Four Seasons Hotel, they will also get a personal butler, luxury Rolls Royce with private driver and personal trainer which during the training for sure will make them spend a couple more dollars.

In the luxury room at Four Seasons Hotel there is a small library in which there is a huge amount of books, and during the reading season the guests can enjoy in the armchairs covered with an alligator leather.

The view from the room is majestic, the landscapes of the astonishing Central Park, one of the main attractions in New York. For that, from the space rising above the highest in New York, the guests can be 100% sure they can enjoy in privacy for which they have payed well.

Some of the objects in the apartments are made from gold, the bed is decorated with knobs of 24 karat gold, and the mattress is handmade and it is from Sweden. The guests can also enjoy the great view of Central Park from the toilet too, where the objects are handmade from crystals.

Simply, everything in the Four Seasons Hotel is made to remind the guests that they have just spend $45.000 for the night, but of course, it was worth it!

All photos are taken from the website of © Four Seasons Hotel

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