Whether you just want a tidier yard to make your day-to-day life easier or you need to declutter before you sell your home, there are several ways that you can achieve this end. First, you could have a car boot sale to free up some space and shift items that no longer serve a purpose. Another great idea is to sell your old or junk vehicles to buyers who can give you cash for your scrap metal. If you have things lying around that still have some potential, you can also try upcycling them. Then, when your yard is decluttered, you can tidy it up by gardening and landscaping. Just remember to tackle one area at a time so that the job is manageable.

Have a Car Boot Sale

A popular way to declutter and make some extra cash while doing so is to have a car boot sale. When you have identified which items in your yard no longer provide you with a clear purpose or joy, they can be sold. There is no sense in hanging onto items that just take up space and make your yard look cluttered and messy.

Make yard signs that advertise your car boot sale and mention it on social media platforms as well. Make sure not to charge too much for your used items as the main goal here is to declutter not to rip off your neighbors.

From Cluttered to Clean: A Guide to Clearing Junk from Your Yard

You can also post pictures of items not sold at the car boot sale on online marketplaces, such as Facebook Marketplace. This is a very popular way of selling second-hand items that still have a function. People in your local area will see the post, even if they are not your “friends” on Facebook, so you will reach a larger audience.

Sell Your Old or Junk Vehicle

If your yard is cluttered with old or scrap vehicles, you should sell them for a bit of cash. Even if the vehicles are totaled, junk cars buyers over in Texas will take them off your hands. Do not assume that your vehicle is unsellable, instead, contact a buyer and see what they offer! This is a quick and straightforward way to clear up some space and make the most out of your knackered cars.

From Cluttered to Clean: A Guide to Clearing Junk from Your Yard

The amount of space you will get back once the old vehicles are gone will make all the difference to the look and usability of your yard. Just make sure you get a good quote and the buying service offers pickup so you do not need to get the vehicle there yourself.

Upcycle and Transform Old Items

When it comes to DIY projects and giving new life to household and yard items, upcycling is the new hot trend! This is the process of taking an old item or even a fairly new household object and altering it to make it more visually appealing and useful to you. This is a great practice for making the most of what you have rather than buying new items or scrapping things that still have potential.

From Cluttered to Clean: A Guide to Clearing Junk from Your Yard

Upcycling is also a lesson in recycling and seeing the beauty in things that some might deem to be trash. If you have the time and creativity, why not see what you can do with some of the objects in your yard? Could an old trough become a garden bench, for instance?

Exercise Your Green Thumb

Once your yard is decluttered, it is time to make it look more clean, tidy and organized. This is where your green thumb will come in handy. You can create more organized and precise flower beds, plant new trees to line walkways, shape your shrubs and manage your weeds. It is always surprising what a difference these small changes can make to a yard. Even mowing the lawn and power washing the paths and decking can transform the space and make it much more user-friendly.

From Cluttered to Clean: A Guide to Clearing Junk from Your Yard

If you are feeling adventurous, you might also want to landscape the lawn to create new appealing features and create a more organized space. With some stairs, paths and designated walking areas, your yard can be visually pleasing and fun to use. You might not believe it now, but once the clutter is gone, the possibilities are endless!

Tackle One Area at a Time

If you are attempting to declutter and deep clean your home before moving house, you might be overwhelmed by the size of the job. However, one thing you can do to make this task a little more palatable is to divide the home and yard into areas and tackle them one at a time. For instance, in the yard there may be a decking, path, open lawn and some landscaped or planted areas. Why not tackle each area individually? Or else, move left to right across the lawn.

From Cluttered to Clean: A Guide to Clearing Junk from Your Yard

Alternatively, maybe you have a lot of lawn ornaments and general cluttered toys and other household items in the yard. Start with these moveable items then tackle the plants and landscaping next. However, it makes sense for you to divide the lawn and find a way to make the decluttering process easier and more ordered. With organization comes order and calm, which will make everything much easier for you to manage.

Now that you know how to clean your yard and deal with your useless or unwanted items, you can get started decluttering! It is time for a fresh start. One of our suggestions for decluttering was to have a car boot sale. This is a simple and effective way of getting rid of things you do not need anymore that take up space in the yard. Another top tip was to sell your old vehicle, if it is no longer useful or economical to have lying around. You can also upcycle and transform some of the items in your yard if they have potential. Then, when the yard is clearer, you can start gardening and landscaping. Remember to tackle one job at a time to make this process easier.