Getting Married in Exotic Destinations

Organizing a wedding is usually a stressful experience. Almost everybody who is married says that the wedding day is a real pain in the neck, since you have to take care of so many things that eventually you almost forget why all those people are here. Instead of having a great time and committing yourself to your partner and vice versa, you get stuck between the desires of parents from both sides, food, cakes, music and other wedding day bits. In order to escape such a wedding scenario, you could go for a completely different wedding strategy – getting married abroad. The number of destinations that make millions out of wedding tourism is on the constant rise. Take a look at some beautiful places where you could say “I do”.

European charm, Caribbean comfort

One of the most unusual places in the world is the group of islands call the Netherlands Antilles, which are placed eastern off the coast of Venezuela. Its capital Willemstad offers a unique architecture style for that part of the world. When looking from the ocean, you have a feeling that you are looking at a coastal town in the Netherlands. This is so thanks to the long gruel of the Dutch over this group of islands. So, instead of spending thousands of dollars (or any other notes), just gather your closest relatives and friends and go get married on one of the islands of the Netherlands Antilles.

Getting Married in Exotic Destinations

Down Under, where the Sun’s the king

Getting married in Australia would also be a great idea. You can choose from a variety of areas, depending on your preferences. You can be assured that you will always have a lot of sun and nice weather. Australia is especially suitable for beautiful wedding photos. Thanks to the unique quality of its sun rays, you can make a great wedding photography Melbourne photo session or, on the other hand, pose in front of the Sydney Opera House. For those who are more into the wilderness and uncontrolled conditions, a wide array of Australian islands is waiting for you and your dearest guests to host the most special day of your life.

Getting Married in Exotic Destinations

Sweet scents of the Mediterranean

For those who live in the nearby or who can afford it, the Mediterranean area is one of the best wedding destinations in the world. If it was possible, you should get married every year in another country, town or island of this area. From Lloret de Mar in the vicinity of Barcelona to the Côte d’Azur(aka French Riviera), to Italy with all its beautiful towns and villages at the sea and inside the mainland and Greece, with thousands of islands and rocks, the Mediterranean simply calls couples from all over the world to get married in one of its charming places.

Getting Married in Exotic Destinations

Urban weddings away from home

Apart from those exotic destinations, many people decide to go to a big city abroad to get married; different people, different wishes and customs. When it comes to urban sites, getting married in New York and make photos with all the great landmarks of the Big Apple would be a great choice for non-New Yorkers. Of course, other metropolises, like London, Moscow or Beijing should be taken into consideration, as well. Although it might not seem so, big cities can also turn into an exotic choice for your wedding.

Getting Married in Exotic Destinations

Image by Ken Douglas via Flickr

When two people are so in love that they are ready to make vows for life, it does not really matter where these vows will be made. But if it is feasible, try doing it somewhere really special and cherish it for the rest of your happy marital life.

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