Give Yourself a Break And Plan Luxury Yacht Vacations On One Of These Destinations

Vacations spent on a luxury yacht used to be the only preserve of the wealthy or renowned since the costs are unachievable for the majority of the middle-class people. However, prices of the yacht have now decreased dramatically with the introduction of chartering venture, and most of the yacht owners are now proposing other potential seafarers the chance to ‘lease’ their boat for their luxury dream vacation.

The term ‘Yachting’ means a person is not restricted to any one island, or even any one area; offering you the great chance to go different coves, beaches, and beautiful coastlines on your vacations. Instead, you can stay on your boat and enjoy the sun rises and the sunset over the peaceful skyline of the sea whether you are searching for an exciting vacation at the places of your dreams or a peaceful, even dreamy getaway for you, and your loved ones. The opportunities are limitless.

Which places you should visit on your yachting vacation

Whether you decide to take a captain, go bareboat, or even a whole crew, there is definitely a destination which you will love the most. Most of the destinations propose the entire package for your vacation. Most of the people usually spend few days of their vacations in a private cove, discovering the islands and enjoying the beautiful wildlife and plants and then the rest of your vacation in the mysterious harbor on the next island. The whole thing is possible on a luxury private yacht.


Greece comes with a number of well-known destinations so as to tie-up your yacht. Every single island is providing you a new surf washed coastline combined with gorgeous countryside, traditional Greek villages, and mountains. The classy taverns and local restaurants are welcoming and friendly offering some unique experience of Greek cuisine and drink.

Give Yourself a Break And Plan Luxury Yacht Vacations On One Of These Destinations

At a short distance from the ports, you will be able to experience a popular and busy nightlife if required, and museums, historical excavations, and welcoming people of Greece will always be willing to spend some quality time with you. For those who are not an expert in the local language, they don’t have to worry, since most of the locals speak fluent English and are pleased to put it into practice usually.


Turkey is a transcontinental country which offers a mix of quiet and quaint villages with a rare large town for keeping up on necessities and some amazing sightseeing. The entire country is filled with ancient remains from the several cultures that have existed there, giving buildings and ruins to visit meeting everyone’s desires.

The bigger towns have usual marketplaces that offer Turkish crafts both modern and ancient, and an ocean of numerous different colors. The sights, smells, and sounds are an encounter you will always remember.

Give Yourself a Break And Plan Luxury Yacht Vacations On One Of These Destinations

The Turkish people are outgoing and friendly and, while English is not the only spoken language, the generosity of the locals means between you there will always be a mode in order to minimize the language barrier. Again, the local cuisine is superb, and the fresh fish is something that every person on a luxury yacht vacation should try once in a lifetime. There are a number of large or small ports and even deserted harbors where you can tie-up your yacht.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is a well-known destination for private Caribbean yacht charters and is ideal for a romantic honeymoon or a break. The clear skies and sparkling blue seas make the Caribbean an ideal destination for a luxury yacht vacation. But, if you are looking for something a little more thrilling, the open seas provide plenty of opportunity for snorkeling, scuba diving, and water skiing. Similarly, there are a number of places and beach bars to try the local dishes of fish and other food, and the weather is nearly always perfect.

Give Yourself a Break And Plan Luxury Yacht Vacations On One Of These Destinations

To experience luxurious travel before you board your yacht, consider chartering a flight as well. Chartered flights to and from the Caribbean from nearby Miami are fun, enjoyable, luxurious, and because you don’t need to book a jet, often more affordable than you think. Turbo prop airplanes are a fraction of the cost of jets and still provide the safety, reliability and speed of jets without the jet cost. Plus you just look like a complete boss getting off your private flight, into your limo, and straight into your yacht.

Many islands proposing many different coves and beaches means you will not get bored if you plan your upcoming yachting vacation in the Caribbean.

Indian Ocean

You will never be going to experience the delight and excitement that comes from sailing around the Indian Ocean and enjoying all of the incredible wildlife at the Indian Ocean. You are certain to move from huge bodies water into small streams and canals where the solitary sound is that of nature filled with peace. Appreciate the perfect white sand beaches, camp out in dark coves, snorkel in the reef, or loosen up along the ocean without traveling much.

Give Yourself a Break And Plan Luxury Yacht Vacations On One Of These Destinations

Why a yacht?

Imagine waking up in the morning, making yourself a coffee and going out onto the deck of your yacht; a calm ocean and not a single sound to be heard except the usual drift of the surfs and the noise made by the wildlife. Yachting offers one of the most peaceful vacations you can think of. You don’t have noisy neighbors, and there is no risk of getting the reservations next to the bathrooms. Fill your yacht with sufficient supplies for the week, and then you don’t have to see any person for your whole vacation.

Give Yourself a Break And Plan Luxury Yacht Vacations On One Of These Destinations

Even the beginners get an opportunity too; you can charter not only the captain but also the vessel or just the crew to travel along with you. You don’t have to worry about the privacy matters, as the crewmembers are in most of the cases very professional in knowing when to make themselves available or when you might require an explanation of some of the nearby sites and beauty. Whatever you wish to do on your luxury yacht vacation, however busy or tranquil you wish to make it, yachting has the solution. It’s an exceptional holiday, and the one you’ll be going to remember for your whole life.

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