Children of all ages prefer to visit different places to know and learn various things and participate in different activities to enjoy themselves, having immense fun and make most of their time. Although this is the digital age, where modern gadgets and devices, like the desktop computers, laptops and advanced mobile phones like smartphones and tablets have taken over and are being used for playing thousands of games and puzzles, there do exist several places in the city of Bangalore and its outskirts that are just perfect for everyone.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to find out the different activities and things to do in Bangalore for your children.

Finding out interesting things to participate for children

Exploring Girias Children’s Explorium

It is regarded to the country’s innovative museum that has been dedicated exclusively for children. The space has been divided into 6 galleries, which are Splash, Explore, Create, Live, Invent and Build and boasts of having more than 75 varieties of exhibits. Here, amusement part is said to meet science museum. The tagline as described by the management of the museum is “where children play for learning and adults learn towards playing”. Visiting the place would keep the children busy throughout the day. Children can engage in activities like water play, painting, sand art and magnets, etc.

Great and Exciting Places for Children to be in Bangalore

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DBC at the Corner House

It is regarded to be an iconic ice-cream parlor that is said to be present in almost every city street corner, serving delicious and mouth watering sundaes, ice creams, fruit salads and shakes. Children and even adults of all ages are sure to have a gala time, devouring the different types of ice creams to their fill and satisfaction. This is a must place for chocolate lovers. DBC (Death By Chocolate) has been serving Bangaloreans for more than 30 years.

Great and Exciting Places for Children to be in Bangalore

Playing scientist at the Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum

This place is considered to be a fabulous one for children of age 8 and above. Here, they can spend quality time, trying to learn new, innovative things. Every floor of this museum has been dedicated to a particular scientific discipline which includes electro-technical gallery, engine hall, space gallery, fun science gallery, children’s science gallery, including other interesting attractions. Being an interactive museum, the children are assisted to learn the science’ basic principles.

Great and Exciting Places for Children to be in Bangalore

Ata Galatta

This place is considered to be versatile providing every week a wide range of events. It also boasts of having a mini-café, where visitors can have bite. At the café, you can come across a huge selection of books, treats and events that are worth the visit. This place has everything for every age group, whether it is youngsters, kids or adults. Craft workshops, book launches, theatre, music and art are just interesting out here. rather, it is said to provide a wonderful platform for artistic and literary moorings.

Great and Exciting Places for Children to be in Bangalore

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Overall, children can get really excited during the weekends and no more have to restrict their fun to just playing video or android phone games.