Travelling is a whole lot of fun. Well, yes, but it can also be pretty demanding. Many of us have to commit to extended travel for work purposes, and there is certainly nothing about work travel that makes it less strenuous than its leisurely counterpart of a well-deserved vacation. Then there are the obligatory practicalities. Remembering your visa before hitting up the French border, make sure you get proper health insurance in Mexico, apologise profusely for no particular reason in Britain, you know, just to fit in. The list of practicalities and essential details is often quite lengthy.

It isn’t all bad though; there are great ways to improve upon the experience. There is also a good deal of travel-specific gear and tech to make your long term travels a little less stressful, and dare we say, altogether more convenient. Therefore if you are planning a long trip sometime soon, you should consider the following incredible gear to enhance your experience.

Smart Luggage

What is better than fireproof luggage? Try luggage that doubles as a workspace, features conveniently placed automatic LED lighting and charging port for all your gadgets that run off a massive built-in battery. Over the top? Yes. Necessary? Without a doubt. Rather than opt for ordinary standard luggage, you should consider researching a bit to discover just how innovative and multipurpose smart luggage can be.

Great Gear For Long Term Travelers

Portable Wifi Hotspot

A portable WiFi hotspot may not seem all that useful or exciting. However, you will be quite surprised at just how essential this gadget is. What would you say to a portable WiFi hotspot that doubles as a mobile wired and wireless charging station? There’s absolutely no doubt that this type of tech will become vital for travellers who need to stay connected while travelling. Most travellers are well aware of just how frustrating it can be to try and remain connected in a foreign country.

Great Gear For Long Term Travelers

Smart Travel Vacuum

A tiny little device that fits in the palm of your hand and essentially compresses your luggage by creating a vacuum that compresses your clothing, saving tons of space and, more importantly, decreasing the amount of luggage you need to lug around. This handy creation will ensure you can pick up some souvenirs during your stay without wondering how you will fit them into your space-limiting luggage.

Great Gear For Long Term Travelers

Super Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Nothing groundbreaking here, but a decent mini Bluetooth speaker is a must-have for the long term traveller. Not only do you subsequently have something to improve upon your phone’s audio quality when listening to music or watching Netflix, but most mini speakers also double as a conference mic and loudspeaker, perfect for remote video conferencing.

Great Gear For Long Term Travelers

Smart Warming Insoles

Did you know that you can buy an insole that comes with a little remote control with which you can set its different heating levels? Until recently, neither did we. But you can genuinely get a pair of these, and we don’t think they need any further justification. They are remote controlled insoles. What more could you ask for?

Water Purifying Water Bottle

Water purifying water bottles are a relatively simple concept that makes for an absolute travel necessity. You never know for sure what the water situation is going to be at a short term rental. Besides, we couldn’t recommend tap water no matter where you are. A water bottle that purifies water for you makes for an easy and convenient solution. Water purifying bottles and devices are also generally relatively compact, which means you won’t have to pack extra cautiously to bring this innovation with you where ever you decide to go.

Great Gear For Long Term Travelers

Amraepowell / CC BY-SA

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones are a must-have extra for several underrated reasons. For starters, you may require quiet during your flight. When considering impressive new tech, you will be able to pack in space savings headphones quite easily or even keep them in your pocket. Wireless headphones are usually best as they won’t get tangled and cause inevitable frustration.

Great Gear For Long Term Travelers

Thermal Meditation Eye-Gear

Meditating is one of the best practices you can take up when you live a busy life. It’s particularly significant for those of us whose work requires extensive travel. The caveat is that many of us struggle to get going. This bizarre gadget warms your eyes (while keeping them closed, of course) and for some reason, we don’t fully grasp, this genuinely helps make meditating on the go easier.

Great Gear For Long Term Travelers

Bluetooth GPS Tags

These are our favoured nominee for best invention of the decade. Bluetooth GPS tags are simple, inconspicuous little tags that allow you to use your smartphone to find things. They are perfect for tracking your valuables, and we recommend travelling with a couple of spares to use on anything you shouldn’t lose, like room keys. These devices are so innovative and handy that you may even decide to use them even when you are at home.

Great Gear For Long Term Travelers

Maurizio Pesce from Milan, Italia / CC BY