Greek Islands are the most exotic in Europe. The best way to visit all of them is with cruise. Well going on a cruise wont let you visit all of them because there are endless number of islands. Each one of the islands is unique. So why go island hopping in Greece? The answer is really simple. With island hopping you can visit different beaches – white, black, sandy, rocky…. Some islands are rich with history others with nature. Try different sports during your island hopping season and get face to face with the Greek tradition.

In Greece there are more than 6000 islands which makes the island hopping experience to be even more exciting. During your tour you will visit more Mediterranean Cities, all white with flat roofs, taste different traditional dishes like suflaki or gyro… Multi-island hopping in Greece with HostelBay is another choice if you wish to visit more than one Greek island. Enough with the text, thanks to sunsearchholidays today we can present you this infographic with incredible facts and info that we hope will make you want to visit Greece at first.

Greek Island Hopping
When visiting Greece don’t forget about the mythology. We all know about the Greek gods and the stories of them. So looking at the historical objects and architectures you can always connect each of them with a different god. And if you are doing cruise don’t forget to salute Zeus and Poseidon for the great time and weather during your cruise.