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Happy Homes: 4 Small Upgrades That Will Reduce Your Stress & Anxiety

If you deal with feelings of stress and anxiety regularly in your life, you might be able to alleviate these emotions by making some home improvements. Evidence has shown that certain changes around the home can promote better mental health. Here are four small home upgrades that will help reduce your stress and anxiety.

Paint Your Bedroom

The room where you sleep can have a major impact on your mental health. You can paint your bedroom walls a color that’s known to elicit feelings of tranquility. Using different colors for different wall sections is another option.

There are certain colors that work best for relieving stress and anxiety. According to, minor blue is an excellent color choice. Other great color options include yellow, green and violet. also suggests soft pinks.

Increase Lighting

Increasing the amount of light in your home can combat negative emotions. states that natural light from the sun, in particular, helps reduce anxiety and depression and increases the amount of endorphins in the body.

If you want more sunlight in your home, you can put in window coverings that allow you to adjust the amount of outdoor light that shines in to your liking. Shades, blinds and shutters all work well for controlling light levels.

Create More Space

Removing much of the clutter in your home can also improve your mental health. Having old furniture or other items that you don’t need hauled away or put in storage can free up more space around your home.

Another way to increase your space is to put in a new room or install an entire home addition. You can either choose to do the work yourself or hire professionals to do the job. Remodeling your home’s layout may also give you more space.

Designate a Game Room

If you decide to build a new room or already have a spare one, you can turn this space into a game room. This will give you your own place to have fun and forget about many of your cares and worries for a while. Having a game room will also likely entice more guests to want to visit, which can also help with mental well-being.

You can install a TV along with gaming tables in your new game room. Putting in some retro arcade videogames will be another great touch.

Reducing stress and anxiety starts at home. By making these changes to your living space, you’ll likely notice big improvements in your mindset.

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