Get Out of the Capital – Hit a Holiday Destination

To live in London is to live in controlled chaos. There’s the hubbub of the tourist traps, the bellicose business pros marching through the streets and the Underground, with a map more confusing than the Enigma machine. You can have a grand old time in the capital – but sometimes all that busyness can drive you mad. So, it’s time to leave London behind, park your car with the Stansted meet and greet team, head to some far flung destination and feel your troubles ebb away.

That’s exactly what we’ve done. Picking a selection of flights from Stansted Airport, we’ve visited some grand destinations – all to report back to you. So, what did we find?


The people of Switzerland are well-known as a chilled out bunch – and the nation’s capital, Zurich, is no different. With breezy public transport systems, you can head to one of over 50 museums in the city, 14 of which are dedicated to art. Many of the galleries are only a few minutes’ walk from each other, so you can get your synapses firing with a full diet of art. In this city on the water, you’ll even be able to take boat rides over Lake Zurich. Who needs the hubbub of the big city when you can laze around on the water?

Image by jonas.wagner via Flickr

Image by Pedro Szekely via Flickr

Grossmunster Church

Image by Pedro Szekely via Flickr


You might associate Majorca with cheap package holidays and mad for it English tourists, but Palma can offer a lot more than cheap and cheerful cocktails. For a start, head to Bellver Castle, a gothic feat of architecture set on a hill in the Balearic Islands. One of the only circular castles in Europe, this is one of the architectural wonders of the world. It’ll leave your jaw agape when you see it. But if you just fancy chilling out, head along to the Parc de la Mar, a rolling promenade that allows you to lie by the cool waters and soak up the sun. You’ll be more relaxed in no time.

Bellver Castle

Image by Cristian Bortes via Flickr

The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma (La Seu)

Image by Karim Rezk via Flickr


The home to Picasso and (less impressively) sardines, Malaga is a sun-kissed paradise that perfectly balances highbrow culture with more fun than you can shake a cubist painting at. Head along to the Picasso Museum to see the father of cubism’s most prominent works of art. Squint and you’ll see a kind of emotion you never thought you’d find in a collection of strange angles and colours. Then, head along to Pimpi, a unique bar that serves up a fantastic array of sweet wine. You’ll be in the tapas-tasting spirit as soon as you’ve had a sip of this pungent mixture.

Image by VANKUSO via Flickr

Museo Picasso

Image by Alberto via Flickr

Cathedral de Malaga

Image by Marc via Flickr

No matter where you head for your impulsive trip, just remember two things – be safe and enjoy yourself.

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