A destination wedding is something many couples dream of. However, as magnificent as they are, they require a lot of planning and organisation. Even though they are considered to be quite a splurge, there are many ways to pull this off without breaking the bank. There are plenty of affordable destinations that will take your breath away and ensure you remember this day till the end of the time. Use these fool-proof tips to pull off a lavishing celebration for everyone to remember without reaching deep down in your pocket.

1. Decide on the budget.

Before you start browsing through the Internet in search of the perfect destination for your wedding, you first need to decide how much money you are willing to spend on this occasion. It’s going to dictate everything from the time of the year and venue to food menu and accommodation for the guests. If you don’t want to overspend, it’s highly advisable to choose the low season since the prices are lower up to 50 per cent. If you insist on a particular date which is in the middle of the peak season, then decide on a shorter stay. Anyhow, you should check the calendar and the events happening during the time of your stay. Finding an all-inclusive resort which offers wedding packages may be a cheaper option in comparison to other types of accommodation.

How to Plan a Perfect Destination Wedding on a Budget

2. Picking a destination.

If you’re planning a destination wedding on a budget, you should look for a place that is closer to your home. There are many local venues where you can have a fairy tale wedding. For those who’d rather tie the knot on a beachfront far away, here are some of the fashionable yet affordable destinations to consider.


If you’re looking for a wedding destination that will take your breath away then you should definitely consider this gorgeous island. It’s not only famous for its mesmerising nature but for its good vibes, too. The city of Negril will offer you a chance to explore its rich culture and chill on its seven-mile white sandy beach. Aside from the lovely ceremony on the beach, there are numerous activities your guests can engage during your stay.

How to Plan a Perfect Destination Wedding on a Budget


Although Thailand is famous for its wild nightlife, it is also one of the most popular wedding destinations. The astonishing beaches will leave you wondering if you’re daydreaming. Its lush nature, turquoise sea, and white sandy beaches will make your wedding magical. Another great thing about Thailand is that it offers many activities like kayaking, zip lining or scuba diving. There are many resorts that offer wedding packages, but you can also find cheaper alternatives.

How to Plan a Perfect Destination Wedding on a Budget


For couples who want to get married at a romantic place filled with history and hedonism, Greece may be a perfect choice. With low humidity and a nice summer breeze, the climate is perfect for a beach wedding. There is an endless number of islands with secluded beaches for those who are looking for a private ceremony. Azure waters and pine trees will make your wedding unforgettable and delicious local cuisine will satisfy even the fussiest eaters’ taste.

How to Plan a Perfect Destination Wedding on a Budget


Bali has been one of the most popular wedding destinations and for a good reason. Aside from pricy 5-star resorts, Bali also offers lots of budget-friendly guest houses and villas that are equally gorgeous. Imagine a beach ceremony at the sunset, you both barefoot with a smile on your faces and the breeze caressing your skin. Surreal beaches and astonishing nature will definitely make your wedding something everyone will remember.

How to Plan a Perfect Destination Wedding on a Budget

3. Explore your financial options.

Let’s face it, weddings cost a lot of money. Although most people have a determined budget, sometimes it’s difficult to stick to it. Unpredicted situations will occur, you may forget to account for certain things or guest list getting longer are just some of the reasons. Nobody wants to throw a wedding that they will be paying off in the next 5 years. However, sometimes a small financial nudge can make your dreams come true. That is why more and more couples are considering wedding loans as a fantastic way to help them plan a wedding of their dreams. This will allow you to sufficient funds to make that happen. It is also a good idea for those who can’t get any financial help from their family.

4. Create the guest list early on.

The number of guests directly affects your budget so it’s an important thing to consider at the very beginning of your planning adventure. The more the guests, the higher the expenses will be. Aside from providing enough food and refreshments at the ceremony, you’ll probably have to pay for your guests’ accommodation as well and that can easily break your bank. If you dream of a destination wedding, it may be a good idea to make it small with the closest friends and family by your side. This way, you’ll have it all – the dreamlike venue and the people you love to share it all with.

How to Plan a Perfect Destination Wedding on a Budget

5. Don’t forget to send the invitations.

If you’re crossing an ocean to get married, your guests will probably be as excited as you. However, travelling long distance requires more planning and you need to start with preparations many months in advance. For that reason, it’s important to send the wedding invitations preferably, 6 to 9 months before the wedding so your guests have enough time to prepare. They will need to get visas, maybe do some medical checkups, hire a babysitter and handle those days off work. Aside from the location and date of the wedding, your invitation can also include a short letter or a note informing your guests about the weather conditions and planned activities so they can pack properly.

6. Learn about local culture.

This is very important, especially if you’re travelling to a country that has a completely different set of customs than yours. You’ll want to know all the dos and don’ts when it comes to your wedding celebration and on the streets of a local town or a village. Consider the dress codes, since in some countries people may find it offensive if you don’t cover up your shoulders or a belly. Get clued about tipping etiquette. By doing this and also passing the information to your guests, you’ll show a great deal of appreciation to the people of the country you’re travelling to. It will also broaden your horizons since you’ll learn and experience something completely new.

How to Plan a Perfect Destination Wedding on a Budget

7. Good planning is half the battle.

When you have an unlimited budget and an army of people to help you, planning a wedding is fun and games. On the other hand, if you’re doing most of the work yourself and on a budget, it requires some serious planning. We won’t lie to you, it is quite time-consuming. You need to start planning far in advance if you want to avoid last-minute panic attacks. Take your partner, sit down and make a master plan. Write down every major category that needs to be considered like the venue, transport, accommodation, the menu and similar. Then take some time to break each category further into details. Think about the times that are important like booking plane tickets or hiring a photographer. Doing some serious research, and on time, you’ll be able to save a lot of money. Having a good plan and sticking to it will ensure you don’t forget anything and that you have enough time to enjoy when you finally arrive at your wedding destination.

8. Be flexible.

We understand that this is a very special day in your life and that you want everything to be just perfect. However, you probably know by now that not all things in life always go as we planned. Having that said, you need to take care of yourself in the process and try not to drive yourself crazy over every little detail that goes wrong. If you can’t handle the pressure, it’s ok to find some help. Whether it’s a wedding planner or a member of your family, people will be happy to help you. Be prepared for the unexpected but keep the positive attitude. You don’t want to miss your wedding because you were stressing about a stain on your dress or a possible rain for example. Keep an open mind and be flexible. This way, you’ll make sure that you make the best possible memories that day, which is the most important thing after all.

How to Plan a Perfect Destination Wedding on a Budget


First of all, congratulations! If this is the year that you’ve decided to get married, we’re happy for you. More and more couples are thrilled by the idea of a perfect destination wedding. As thrilling as it may be, there is a lot of work ahead of you. Don’t let that get you down. With the right budget tips, plenty of time and a little bit of creativity, you’ll manage to pull it off without breaking the bank.