Whether you have recently moved into your new home or you have been living there for some time, you may be considering making some home improvements to boost the appearance and utility of your living space. However, one of the biggest factors that many people consider before starting a home improvement project is how they can protect their home while the work is being done. It is important that you consider how you plan to protect your furniture and floors during home improvement and have a plan in place to ensure that the mess that home changes can produce don’t ruin the items in your home.

Even if home renovation means change and the start of something new, it can also mean dust, paint, and sawdust lying around your home. So, we have put together this guide on how to protect your home, including your furniture and floors from the mess that comes with making improvements.

Isolate the Area

If you are only working on one room in the house, then you should try to isolate the mess as much as possible to just that area. This will help to limit the damage to other areas of the home caused by dust and dirt being walked through.

How to Protect Your Furniture and Floors During Home Improvement

Remove What You Can

Home improvement projects will be a whole lot easier to complete if you can clear the workspace that you plan to work in before you start working. Navigating the area and getting the work done will be much easier if you don’t have to try and do it around big pieces of furniture. Therefore, it is advisable that you try to only do one home improvement project at a time if you are already living in the house, as this means you can store furniture in one room while you work on another. You should try to leave the renovation area as empty as you can and if you are revamping an entire area, then you should avoid getting new furniture or floors until the rest of the work has been completed. The alternate option is to hire a storage unit and place your belongings there until the renovation is complete.

How to Protect Your Furniture and Floors During Home Improvement

Use Cover Ups

If you are already living in the house, and some furniture and flooring are difficult to remove from the workspace, then you should use cover ups as a way to ensure they are still being protected. Whether you are doing the work yourself, or are getting the professionals in to do it for you, it is important that you use cover ups wherever possible. For example, using a smart grip drop cloth is a great way to protect your home during home improvement work as the product, created by Trimaco, has two layers of absorbent canvas and is a leak and slip-resistant way to reduce the mess caused by projects.

How to Protect Your Furniture and Floors During Home Improvement

By taking these precautions and following the tips we have provided, you can transform your living space through home improvement while still protecting your floors and furniture!