Everyone dreams of traveling and exploring new places. Traveling allows people to discover the beauty of different sceneries and learn about other cultures. However, it tends to be costly and may need a lot of saving to achieve it.

For now, you can start by having a mood board where you place images of your dream destination. And you can also incorporate your desire to see the world by adding it into your space.

Get Furniture That Suits Your Style

It’s important to set up your living room and bedroom precisely as you want. As a result, you should select the right furniture that can bring out your creativity and keep you happy. For your bedroom, consider checking https://www.rjliving.com.au/bedroom/bedside-tables/ and others to get a bedside table that’s both functional and decorative.

How To Create A Travel-Themed Home Interior

This furniture piece will hold your reading lamp, gadgets, and other objects while still fitting into your theme and style that reminds you of the destination you love. Additionally, select a bed or bedframe that reminds you of your favorite holiday destination.

Add A Map

Maps can be recognized as works of art as they’re fascinating to look at and provide information. They communicate with the world around us by giving a universal medium. You can use a map in your home as a decorative piece to add interest.

How To Create A Travel-Themed Home Interior

You can add your map to the ceiling of your room, so you can gaze upon and enjoy the different places it has to offer. If you have a home with blinds, you can have your map on them as it provides an excellent surface view.

But based on RJ Living’s range of beds and bed frames, if you prefer to incorporate a map subtly above your bed, then cork maps will be perfect as they add texture and warmth to the area.

How To Create A Travel-Themed Home Interior

Have Wall Decals Of Maps

You can take one vintage map for wall decoration and separate it into multiple framed images to get a gallery wall. That way, it’ll provide a great feature that lets you appreciate each part of the map. Also, it’ll make you have a vision of the next destination you’d go to.

How To Create A Travel-Themed Home Interior

You can also opt for wallpapers and murals by layering maps on your wall to achieve an exciting and unique look. You may also consider placing bespoke wallpaper and marking out your favorite place to visit or where you’ve already seen it.

Use Travel-Themed Objects

You can have a wanderlust inspiration all around using different themed objects. You can get a globe that turns on its axis when any light around it powers it. Its versatility will give you a chance to pick out any color or styles that fit in with your style.

How To Create A Travel-Themed Home Interior

For more storage, go for travel-themed shelves that look like vintage suitcases and store souvenirs from your trips. You can also get a functional compass clock and a statement piece.

As for your cabinet knobs, replace them with patterned world maps. If you love your light fixtures, you can get a side lamp with circled destination points that you prefer. You can also check countries off an inspirational map that comes in a gold and white setting. Once you travel to a destination, you can scratch it to reveal a more colorful world underneath.

Photo Display

You can tell stories through different photo displays like getting a metal print of your favorite spot that you can display in your home as a collage. If you prefer visual wall art, you can pick your favorite picture of a destination you loved such as a lion in the Mara and have it turned into an asymmetrical five-piece canvas.

How To Create A Travel-Themed Home Interior

This type of display has a custom feel that creates movement and interest. All you need is world map metal, then hang photos on strings that connect to the closest continent that you took the picture. And if you’re aiming for a more visual display, place polaroid pictures on different lines.

Bottom Line

You can incorporate your different documented travels into your home in numerous ways. You can choose to get travel-themed furniture or add a map on the various surfaces of your home. You can place a map on the blinds, ceiling, and furniture.

Alternatively, you can use wall decals of maps by framing images into a gallery wall. You can use different objects to create a travel theme such as a compass clock or vintage floating shelves that are travel-themed, many more. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you customize your home interior.