Hygge is one of the most popular lifestyles that you may have come across in this decade. This contemporary style of living that stems from Scandinavian cultures has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Even though this way of life has been common in the Scandinavian countries for a long time, it has only now caught the eye of the entire world. Thanks to Instagram and Pinterest, Hygge has become one of the most go-to styles for people when it comes to room decor.

What is Hygge Style?

I’m sure you may have noticed how scented candles, cozy indoors and neutral hues have become all the rage these days. But did you know that all of these represent a particular lifestyle?

How to Live Hygge Style: Top Tips for Harmonious Living

That’s right! It’s called Hygge style and it is something that originated from the Scandinavian culture. The word “Hygge” is a Danish word that means bringing simplicity to your daily life that engenders positivity and mindfulness.

How to Pronounce Hygge?

Before we move forward, let’s get something out of the way first. The word Hygge is not pronounced as “hyge”, nah. Since it is a Danish word, it is pronounced differently. The correct pronunciation of the word Hygge is ‘hue-gah’.

How to Live Hygge Style: Top Tips for Harmonious Living

Top Hygge Tips for Harmonious Living

Hygge is all about enjoying the simple pleasures of life and bringing harmony to it. It represents coziness and positivity. And here are some tips to incorporate that coziness and positivity in your daily life:

Accept Where You Are In Life

Hygge is not just about transforming your interiors with soothing decor. No! It’s about manifesting that way of life in your thoughts and actions. In order to truly master hygge, you need to accept where you are in life. Be happy with where you stand. Even if you are not making any progress, appreciate yourself for how far you have come through. And do not undermine your journey.

How to Live Hygge Style: Top Tips for Harmonious Living

Transform Your Place

A huge part of transitioning into hygge style is to transform your indoors into serene spaces. You gotta admit. One can never bring that serenity in their life if the place where they spend most of their time is all cluttered and messed up.

How to Live Hygge Style: Top Tips for Harmonious Living

Create a cozy place with neutral hues. Paint your walls in whites, grays, or taupes. Light candles. Get comfy pillows. Buy indoor plants and wooden furniture. Brew a cup of coffee. Dim the lights. Sit around the fireplace. That’s how you create an atmosphere that engenders peace and positivity. Moreover, you can practice hygge all year round as it is not just a winter thing.

Surround Yourself With Friends And Family

Now that you have created a place that brings about the best in you, share it with your friends and family. Spend time with people with who you can be your truest self! People who encourage deep conversations. Share a hearty meal or a cup of coffee with them while you snuggle on the couch.

How to Live Hygge Style: Top Tips for Harmonious Living

Take Up A New Hobby

Since hygge is all about bringing that inner peace and mindfulness, you can start by developing a hobby such as exercising or doing yoga. In fact, hygge promotes yoga as something that you can enjoy, rather than something that you dread.

How to Live Hygge Style: Top Tips for Harmonious Living

You can start by creating a yoga playlist of music that promotes spirituality and mindfulness. Download and load that playlist on your iPhone with a YouTube MP4 Converter iOS and start doing yoga every morning. You will feel the positivity throughout the day!

Pamper Yourself

Hygge is all about taking care of yourself. And the best way you can do it is by getting your hands on the comfiest loungewear you can find! For winters, get woolen clothes, fluffy socks, and warm scarfs. For summers, buy soft linen clothes in neutral colors such as whites, khakis, and browns.

How to Live Hygge Style: Top Tips for Harmonious Living

As far as bedware is concerned, buy sheets and throws that have the maximum thread count. Anything above 400 thread count is perfect to promote that feeling of comfort. For the sofas and couches in the lounge, get big cushions that are filled with feathers. They are ideal for comfort as they offer maximum softness.

Wrapping Up . . .

That’s how you can transform your life and your surroundings into a safe space that promotes comfort in your life. Not only does hygge help you organize your life, but it also promotes better mental health. Find some more hygge tips here to transition into this popular Scandinavian lifestyle!