London is a busy metropolitan city, most people choose the city as their home due to its advanced infrastructure and accessibility to major corporations, shopping, restaurants and nightlife. Staying in the heart of the city does have its pros and cons. With close to 9 million people living here, this can cause an issue with traffic and parking places.

One of the pros about London is that you can get by without having your own car, however, a car does give you the freedom to move around the city on your own terms. With every positive comes a negative. Parking in the heart of the city can be a problem as there are limited off-street parking spots and parking bays usually come at a cost.

Your stay at hotels like Grand Royale London Hyde Park comes with complimentary parking, but what happens when you are not staying at a hotel?

These are some tips on how to save on Parking in London.

Top Tip 1 – Use Public Transport

The obvious thing to do is to avoid using your private vehicle during peak days (Mon-Sat). This is the busiest time in the city, with people going to work and the time schools are in full swing. Reserving your car for weekends is a great way to save money on parking. London has a great public transport system, and you can walk to many places in the city.

How to Save on Parking in London

Top 2 – Park outside the City Centre

A recent study has shown that Londoners can save up to £223 when choosing to park slightly outside the city centre.

How to Save on Parking in London

Top Tip 3 – Plan for parking ahead of time

Budget for your monthly expenses and plan for your parking in advance. Services offered by Parkopedia allow to plan your parking in advance. This could help you save and, budget as oppose to the regular pay and display method. How Parkopedia works is you find a parking closest to your destination, download the app and use it to reserve and pay for your parking ahead of time.

How to Save on Parking in London

Top Tip 4 – Rent a Parking Spot

If you know that you will need a parking spot regularly, you can rent a parking spot for the month. This will be a dedicated spot that is specifically assigned to you. Parklet is a great website where you can go and secure a monthly spot online, and they offer regular promotions and up to 20% discount on a parking spot. There are long term and short-term rental options available.

How to Save on Parking in London

If you are planning to visit the city for your next holiday, then you can avoid worrying about parking space by shopping around for London Hotels Special Offers.

Some offers come with free parking at the property during your stay, and you can choose a centrally located hotel. The best way to experience any city is on foot. Not only will you save money on transportation but, will get to experience the beauty of London.