All vehicles are not created equal, especially when it comes to off-roading. If you’re looking to take your car off the beaten path, you must choose the right vehicle for the job before you head out. Just as your choice of tires will make or break your off-road excursion, suspension upgrades are also essential if you want to travel over rocks and terrain with any amount of safety or comfort. Read on for four-car upgrades that will prepare your vehicle for off-roading:


If you’re planning on taking your car off-roading, you’ll want to keep things under control with mudflaps. By installing mud flaps, you can prevent your vehicle from rubbing against obstacles and getting stuck. Mudflaps are cheap and easy to install, but they can mean the difference between having fun and having a bad time.

How to Upgrade Your Car to Work Better Off-Road


Another upgrade that’s worth making to your car for off-roading is changing your tires. Even if you’re not heading off-road right away, it’s a good idea to invest in sturdy all-terrain tires. They’re more expensive than standard ones but will last much longer—and you’ll have them when you are ready to take on dirt roads.

How to Upgrade Your Car to Work Better Off-Road

For extra traction, consider investing in an aftermarket locking differential or putting chains on your tires during particularly nasty winter storms. Additionally, look into upgrading your axles and transmission. All of these modifications are costly, so shop around to find what works best with your budget.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Another important step in preparing your vehicle for off-roading is to ensure that your tires are properly inflated. If you’re looking to gain better traction and control on bumpy or unpaved roads, upgrading to a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) may be right up your alley. Not only will you ensure that you have enough air in your tires to prevent you from having a blowout, but it can also improve both safety and gas mileage.

How to Upgrade Your Car to Work Better Off-Road

Locking Differentials

Want to get your vehicle unstuck in mud, sand, or snow? Many 4×4 vehicles come equipped with standard limited-slip differentials. However, if you’re planning on taking your vehicle off-roading regularly, you’ll want to upgrade to an aftermarket locking differential.

How to Upgrade Your Car to Work Better Off-Road

With a locking differential, both wheels spin at the same speed when traveling around turns, reducing loss of traction and improving handling. Locking differentials are also good if you plan on doing lots of rock crawling or boulder hopping. You can put all that torque into one wheel to get yourself out of an impossible situation without having to worry about spinning out.

There are many reasons you might want to take your car off-roading. Maybe you’re on an extended road trip and want to explore some of the more scenic areas or maybe you’re taking your car camping to get away from it all for a while. Use these four tips to ensure your safety and avoid causing damage to your vehicle or property.