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How to Travel Easily in South East Asia

Southeast Asia is a very popular destination for tourists and travelers and for good reasons. The region is very safe to travel and loaded with beautiful beaches and picturesque views. It is hard to resist scenic Thailand, the temples of Angkor Wat or the party atmosphere in the Thai islands. Moreover, low and affordable costs are other factors that lure tourists to South East Asia.

One can stay in backpacker hostels or luxurious resorts, enjoy street food or dine in world-class restaurants. You can indeed enjoy a luxurious holiday on a budget. Southeast Asia has something for everyone, and the only area of concern for most travelers is traveling in comfort and on a budget.

The bus is the cheapest way to travel around Southeast Asia, and you can travel almost everywhere and anywhere.  One is sure to get anywhere in Southeast Asia and cross land borders without any hassles. When traveling by bus, you can enjoy a higher standard of luxury with reliable tour operators and reliable schedules. You might also come across travelers taking to motorcycles and scooters as an inexpensive commuter vehicle.

Train services are popular but do not cover all regions of Southeast Asia and can be slow and expensive. Thailand is the only country in the region with an extensive and reliable train system. Night trains with sleeper cars are typically more expensive, and the final fares are decided by the distance and cabin class you choose. Traveling by train is indeed a great way to explore Southeast Asian landscapes. As many trains in the region are not yet modernized, you can look forward to completely different travel experience in South East Asia.

The chances are that you might have to use ferries if you’re planning to spend an extended time in Southeast. It is a popular form of transport that comes in all possible shapes and sizes on the popular trunk routes. Passenger ferries connect different islands of Southeast Asia, as well as the larger ports and towns along major rivers.  There are compact speed boasts as well as multi-deck ferries that will take you from one port to another. It is possible to travel by boats and ferries between Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. It is essential to book online and in advance, especially for popular routes. Avoid overloaded and fast boat services for safety reasons.

While local public transportation is very cheap and it might take a bit of haggling to book the local taxis and tuk-tuks. You need to ask if the taxi drivers use be meter as they might avoid using it. Sometimes, those meters can be rigged, so one has to be careful. Always book ground and sea transportation tickets online from a reputed company so as to get the best possible mode of transportation and from a reliable service provider. When you use a reliable transportation booking service online, you can be sure that you won’t have any problems when traveling within Southeast Asia.

Well, to be honest, there are very few reliable service providers who can chalk out the best possible routes by air, road or water.  Most service providers do not cover the remote areas of Southeast Asia and do not provide useful and detailed information for the tourists and travelers on a trip to the region.  It is essential to make the right choices and travel with a peace of mind that not only are you getting the best mode of travel, but also the cheapest and the most convenient route to your destination.

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