Companies have been using travel incentive programs for decades to motivate and involve employees. In recent years, it has seen a growth in popularity.

Nowadays, employees feel more motivated by personalized perks. Bonuses and salary increments are no longer highly regarded and do not offer long-term benefits to the employees. Reports indicate that employees feel more valued and trusted when rewarded with travel incentives. It evokes greater loyalty among the employees towards the company. Additionally, the younger generations attach more value to experiences over material rewards.

Take a look at the advantages and benefits of corporate travel incentive services to employees and businesses.

1. Employees Can Tick Items off Their Travel List Without Guilt

Humans have the innate urge to travel, and travel incentives tap into that instinct. People love to go on adventures, but very few take the time to travel and explore. Even if they have the money to indulge, they hold back because almost all employees are tied down by other commitments in life that require money and savings. That is why incentive travel as a reward strategy is so successful.

Travel incentives allow employees to tick items off their travel list without guilt.

How Travel Incentives Can Benefit Both Employees and Businesses

2. Motivation for Employees to Improve

Every company seeks to fill its vacancies by finding motivated and driven employees who work hard to improve and perform beyond expectations.

However, it is a constant struggle to find ways and means to motivate the employees to give their best. New data and information keep emerging, providing new and innovative ways to inspire the staff. All trends indicate that experiential rewards are more effective in motivating the employees than cash incentives.

How Travel Incentives Can Benefit Both Employees and Businesses

Travel incentive programs have been shown to boost productivity, as they can create a sense of anticipation among the employees. They can use it to focus their jobs and motivate themselves in tough times. Those employees who have experienced the good times brought to them by travel incentives, like the travel locations, food, activities, etc., would want to experience them again and put all their efforts into attaining that. The company gains from such focused performances and productivity levels would soar.

3. Travel is More Memorable Than Money

When given a choice between cash and a specific non-cash reward such as a getaway trip to an exotic locale, the employees more often than not would pick the latter. This is because the employees know that the cash reward would go towards the more general expenses, and it wouldn’t give them any personal memories of spending the bonus.

How Travel Incentives Can Benefit Both Employees and Businesses

On the other hand, experiential rewards would give them enjoyment and pleasure, and they would have the experience of traveling to a location that they might have never done themselves. They will have memories, pictures, mementos, and many such things.

4. Improves Company Culture and Reputation

A company that looks after its employees will be held in high regard by others and future employees. It will play a huge part in enhancing its image and culture. By offering valuable perks via incentive travel, they contribute to the employees’ well-being by promoting healthy breaks away from work.

How Travel Incentives Can Benefit Both Employees and Businesses

It is an accepted fact that employees need to take regular breaks from work to avoid burnout and perform at their peak. It is observed that people are at their most productive right after a vacation. When a company provides opportunities to its employees to take deserved breaks from work, they will develop standing in the business community for being empathetic and caring towards their employees.

5. Boosts Company Loyalty and Morale

All businesses work towards retaining their workforce. Travel and enjoyment from travel incentive programs can leave the employees feeling relaxed and content. A well-rested and valued employee will want to remain at the company for a long time to experience more such rewards. As studies have shown, employees returning from vacations are generally in a happy state of mind for days and weeks afterward.

How Travel Incentives Can Benefit Both Employees and Businesses


Incentive travel can go a long way in making the employees feel part of a team. They will feel valued and accepted, which will raise their morale and help them perform better. Travel incentives do not have to be flashy five-star accommodations in an expensive country. You can find incentive services that provide cost-effective travel plans to accommodate a group of employees, with great activities and benefits tossed in. If you are looking to book incentive travel services for your staff, please contact Altour.