Perfectly finished paint on the cars and bikes is not within everyone’s reach as it is highly expensive and it’s done by professionals with highly expensive equipment. The normal painting services available within your area and reach just can’t beat the professionally painted surfaces.

Markets are overwhelming with thousands of conventional spray guns but they can’t beat HVLP (high – value, low – pressure) spray gun. Unlike the professional paint services you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars. HVLP spray gun is within everyone’s reach as it perfectly fits in everyone’s budget.

As the name says – High value Low pressure, it works exactly the same. It uses a high volume of air at low pressure which gives you a perfect clean finish without drizzling the paint here and there. It will spray it exactly where you aim it; unlike other spray guns it will not over spray or bounce back the paint.

HVLP spray gun

According to the professionals the transfer efficiency of high pressure spray guns is between 25%-47% whereas the transfer efficiency of HVLP spray gun is 60%-95% .It is of relatively small size which makes it easy for you to handle it while spraying.

Now you know what an HVLP spray gun is but you are yet to know the types of finishes you want to spray according to their consistency.

Types of finishes

  1. Thin, which consist of the single layers and sealers?
  2. Thicker one consist of oil -based paints as well as thinned latex.
  3. Last one is the “Thickest”, which consist of oil- based paints, un-thickened latex.

Whenever you buy a HVLP spray gun whether online or from market, you should definitely read the description so that you don’t buy something which don’t comply your needs. It is always mentioned on the package about what kind of spraying it is capable of.

Like all other gadgets it has various components mainly the hose, turbine and spray gun. They are responsible to make HVLP spray gun work the way it does. Turbine is the main motor responsible for high value low pressure spray, as it drives the speed compressing fans.

HVLP spray gun

It usually have different stages probably the number of fans are referred to as stages. For normal single layer spray paints we use single – stage , one fan turbine , for  un-thinned latex we use second stage , two fan turbines and for more complex and thicker finishes we use three-stage turbines.

How to use HVLP spray gun?

Firstly switch on the air compressor from which it gets the power then adjust the air pressure to 50 psi that’s the basic pressure and then adjust according to your need. Now attach the spray gun to the hose and gently press down the trigger after which it will start fluctuating from the base ends. Canister is now ready to fill in the paint, refer the manual to see how much quantity of paint is needed to be filled in.

After it’s all set, do a patch test on a different surface to adjust the fans. Fasten up or slower down the fan according to your preference. Now you need to alter the fluid control after this your HVLP spray gun will be ready to be used. Now paint horizontally without moving your hands up and down.

Advantages of HVLP spray guns

1. Speed

You can do that painting job faster if you are working with HVLP spray gun as it have the faster transfer efficiency. It will save you much more time.

2. Fits in your budget

Unlike other conventional spray guns HVLP spray gun is not very costly, so here you get good quality stuff in lower budget. It even comes in full package with an air compressor and an auto refinisher and gives you the professional finish at a relatively lower cost.

HVLP spray gun

3. No messy over sprays

Other disadvantage of conventional spray guns is the amount of overspray they does as they use high – pressure. But this is not the case with this low pressure spray gun , it don’t even waste a drop of paint anywhere if paired with the right air compressor. It saves you cleanup costs too.

4. Smooth and perfect finishing

As it spray large volume of paint at low pressure you don’t have to do the refinishing of the surface if HVLP spray gun is used properly with the correct adjustments. It saves you time as well as money.

5. Health

All those conventional high – pressure spray guns emit volatile organic compounds (Voc’s) used in the paint as solvents, and they are very dangerous for health if inhaled continuously. These hazardous air pollutants increase the risk of getting cancer. The HVLP spray gun reduces the emission of these VOC’s by a great amount which makes it safe for you to paint.

HVLP spray gun

How to clean the HVLP spray gun?

Start with opening the nozzle of the spray gun; it can be easily taken off by twisting it in counter clockwise direction. Now put the cap and nozzle in the bowl full of thinner for at least 20 minutes so that the residual paint comes off. Gently rub them off with an old toothbrush. Then part by part remove the springs, metal plate and the fluid needle and put them in the thinner as done before. After washing them up, put them on a soaking cloth and let them dry off completely. And then assemble all the parts again.

This was all about an HVLP spray gun, it have a lot of advantages. It lowers down the labour cost and gives a high – sheen and glossy finish just like the professionals. Forget about wasting unwanted paint and messy surfaces which takes much time to be cleaned. If compared with conventional high pressure spray guns, the HVLP spray guns are much better. It will perfectly fit in your budget and will also save your time.