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The Importance of Cleaning and Maintaining the Pond with the Help of Pond Maintenance Contractors

Nature has always inspired people, and nearly everyone loves to explore the wonderful scenic landscape that surrounds them. Lakes and pond are also part of nature while the lake may be a big area filled with water, the ponds, on the other hand, are a small area that allows the growth of fishes and plants. The ponds naturally occur, and homeowners can also build a beautiful pond in their house if they have required space available.

There are several types of ponds which includes a biological pond, fish pond, natural pond, wildlife pond, plant pond, koi pond, and terrace pond. The difference between the ponds is mostly on the size, type, and kinds of fishes and plants that can grow. As a homeowner, you can easily install a fish pond in your house, which is most common of all the ponds. A fish pond is only meant to keep different kinds of fish and requires regular maintenance as there are no plants to filter the water. A superior quality filtration system is required to clean the water as fish secrete waste, which can contaminate the water. An air pump is needed to keep a sufficient amount of oxygen in the water without which the fishes would not survive.

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You can easily build a pond in your house, but it depends on the space you have in the house and the surrounding garden or natural environment for plants and fishes to grow. The two common pond designs are the round shape and square shape. The two important features of ponds are fishes and ponds, except koi ponds where only koi fishes grow. Plants are very important as they absorb the nutrients from the water and provide oxygen for the fishes to survive. The more nutrients in the water, the stronger the plant would grow and help in the biological maintenance of the pond. The main concern for you would be on what type of fishes to keep in the pond. There is a wide range of fishes which you can keep, such as Goldfish, Koi carps, Fathead minnow, Sunfish, Sturgeon, Algae eater, Rosette, and golden orfes.

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For a fish pond, the depth of the pond should be 80 cm to allow fishes to hibernate in the winters. You should also be mindful that the water does not freeze in the winter. A pond heater is the best equipment to ensure the warmth of the house pond. You should consider the size of the pond before introducing the different kinds of fish as too many fishes can alter the natural equilibrium of the pond and strict maintenance of the pond would be required. The fishes will produce more waste which will contain bacteria, and that will contaminate the water and environment of the pond. The biggest risk and threat to the pond is algae growth, which will affect the quality and clarity of water and risk the survival of fishes. The main equipment which you must install in the pond is the Ultraviolet filter where the water through a lamp which radiates the ultraviolet light and removes the algae and another organism.

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The common problems which you may face by building a pond in your house are:

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You should hire pond care company who are skilled and familiar in restoring the health and quality of the pond. The pond contractor does pond cleaning and maintenance daily, so know exactly how to diagnose and treat the several pond problems. The weekly and monthly cleaning of the pond is required to ensure the health of the fishes and plant. Each pond has its unique ecosystem which depends on its location, the type of fishes and plants, and quality of water coming in the pond.

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The pond maintenance differs according to seasons, and a lot of maintenance is needed in the spring and summer months. In the autumn and winter months, the main concern is making the pond livable and not letting it freeze. The pond contractors have the knowledge and necessary equipment to perform the cleaning and repairing tasks. The pond contractors will perform a step to step maintenance process which includes

Testing the pond water

The pond contractors will identify the water values which are integral in ensuring the biological equilibrium of the pond. The quality of pond water is known by the substances that are dissolved in it. The water contains oxygen, carbon dioxide, calcium, magnesium, and other nitrates. A water test kit will be used to determine the substance dissolved in the water.

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Removing algae

The most important task for pond maintenance contractors is effectively and efficiently removing the algae growth. The pond contractors would employ certain tactics which can be:

  1. Planting more plants
  2. Removing the dirt and debris from the bottom of the pond
  3. Cleaning the filter
  4. Only feeding the fishes for minutes and avoiding providing them with extra food
  5. Removing the fibrous algae
  6. Using the ultraviolet filter to remove the algae growth. The radiation would eliminate germ, molds, and algae
  7. Applying substrate on the bottom of the pond to remove the microorganism.

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Planting floating plants

The algae can easily be removed through floating plants such as frog bit, pointed weed, duckweed, and water star that absorb the extra nutrients from the water and prevent algae growth.

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Tracing a leak in the pond

Probably the most difficult job for the pond contractors is to determine the leak of the pond. Mostly a leak occurs at the waterfall. The leakage is isolated, and the repair kit is used to maintain the pond.

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