Our homes are where we spend most of our time and where we entertain our guests. As such, we should make it a reflection of who we are and what we believe in. When you visit a new friend, you can tell so much about their personality from the way they choose to decorate their house. You can tell if they are the artistic type or if they have a gothic aesthetic just by looking at their wallpaper or wall art. Nothing says who you are more than your home’s interior design. As a Catholic person, you should also proudly incorporate your faith into your home decor.

Wall Stickers or Art

You can opt for wall stickers with bible verses. You can choose your favorite bible verse or one that brings you peace during times of uncertainty. You can place them over your bed, in your kitchen, or in your living room. Not a fan of stickers? You can opt for various catholic wall art designs instead. They can transform a room and make it look and feel more spiritual. You can hang a bible verse, a picture of Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary, or any customized piece of your preference.

Incorporate Your Faith into Your Home Decor in 4 Easy Steps

Creative Cushion Designs

There is no denying that cushions are great home decor items, and you can place them anywhere around the house like on the floors, beds, and throughout the living room. There are many cushions designs to choose from with various Catholic images and bible verses. You will find some with illustrations of the last supper, a picture of Jesus, various bible verses, or simply the words ‘I love Jesus’. You can easily find many designs and colors that will match your home’s interior design.

Incorporate Your Faith into Your Home Decor in 4 Easy Steps

Crucifix and Cross

Nothing will allow you to display your faith more than crosses and crucifixes. They serve as a reminder of what Jesus had to endure for us and our sins. For this reason, we need to honor his sacrifice by blessing our homes with crucifixes and crosses that we can hang on our walls, over our beds, or place on our shelves. Put them everywhere around the house to feel God’s love, protection, and presence. Crosses also come in different colors and designs that will give you the chance to show off your faith in your personal style.

Incorporate Your Faith into Your Home Decor in 4 Easy Steps


Are you bored with your wall’s paint? Do you want to change it but don’t have the time or energy? You can simply install wallpaper. There are many Catholic wallpapers designs that you can choose from with crosses, bible verses, or images of Jesus on them. They will brighten up your room and make it stand out. Additionally, installing wallpaper is very easy and won’t take much of your time or money.

Incorporate Your Faith into Your Home Decor in 4 Easy Steps

There is nothing that says “I am proud of my faith” more than incorporating it into your home design. You need to feel God’s love all around you and feel a sense of peace, especially in these uncertain times in which we now live. There are simple things that you can add to your decor like crosses, wall art, or cushion designs to reflect your faith. Alternatively, you can go big by opting for wallpaper that will make the room feel more peaceful and spiritual.