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Enjoy the Sun and Swim in the Indian Ocean Waters at Kilifi in Kenya

You ever wondered to try and have a different vacation? Ever wondered to visit a place you never been before? This year we recommend you to visit Kenya. Kenya lies on the waters of Indian Ocean and they are just magnificent. Kenya is country that loves their tourists and the people there will do everything to make their tourists to come back again and again. If makes you just a little curious then you should continue to read this article. You should continue to read because we are going to give you an excellent proposition, to visit the resort town of Kilifi. A town that lies on Kilifi Creek. A town where the weather is perfect for vacation throughout the whole year. Well there are two periods of moderate rainfall, one longer, from March till the end of July and the second shorter one from October that lasts till the beginning of December.

Kilifi town is set on the both sides of the Kilifi Creek and they are connected with the Kilifi Bridge. This town is known for the beautiful beach and for the ruins of Mnarani, including mosques and tombs, dating back from the 14th to the 17th century. The north side of the town is the main part of the Kilifi Town and Bofa Beach and the south side has the Mnarani ruins and Shauri Moyo beach.

In this town you can find many resorts and places to stay. but we want to point one resort. The Mnarani Club. This resort is situated on the cliffs of Kilifi Creek, just where this creek meets and merges the waters of Indian Ocean. A places where everything is under your feet. You have a perfect beach for the sun lowers and turquoise ocean for the water lowers.

The resort lies on 40 acres of beautiful garden and provides a perfect landscapes for the nature lowers. Whether you like to walk down green grass or a white sand, there is one road that connects both of the idyllic scenes.

The resort offers from peaceful beach for relaxing to wide range of water sports for the adventurers. Whether you like sailing, water-skiing or wake boarding, you can get everything of that here. Lets not forget that this place is a perfect for newlyweds and can provide a great time for honeymooners.

The food at this resort is all natural and all the vegetables are produced with love just to be served for the fellow visitors.

All photos are in courtesy of Mnarni Club Kenya. You can see more at their facebook profile.

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