While research into Coronavirus is still going on, you know that it gets transmitted through direct contact with the infected person’s respiratory droplets (by sneezing and coughing), as well as touching the surfaces that are contaminated with Coronavirus. The COVID-19 outbreak has commenced the pandemic, as well as this, has become significant for maintaining personal hygiene and keeping your House clean so that the spread of this disease can be prevented.

Daily cleaning is more critical during the Coronavirus pandemic. The virus which causes Coronavirus i.e., SARS-CoV-2, can live on a few surfaces in the house for days.

Is your home healthy: Ways to keep your house clean and hygienic during this pandemic?

So, for staying secure inside the cocoon, follow these tips for Full house clean and prevent the infection:

1. ‘High-touch surfaces’ need ‘high-rated cleaning’

Since Coronavirus gets commonly transferred through hand-to-face touching, professionals suggest wiping down each surface that is daily managed. In case any surface gets contaminated or you think that it can be, clean it with the common household disinfectant as this will kill the virus. After you are done with Full house clean, make sure to wash the hands after cleaning (or you can also utilize the alcohol-based hand sanitizer) as well as avoid touching the mouth, nose, or eyes.

Is your home healthy: Ways to keep your house clean and hygienic during this pandemic?

If you reuse the cloth, ensure the fact that you wash it afterward as well as let it dry. Laundering the clothes in your washing machine with the normal washing liquid will most likely kill this virus, especially on the hot wash.

2. Clean clothing, clean you

Make sure to clean your clothes, towels, and bedsheets daily. As far as the Hygienic precautions are concerned, do not shake the dirty laundry for minimizing the probability of dispersing COVID-19 through the air. Launder the items with detergent or soap, utilizing the warmest proper water settings along with complete drying of the items, both of these steps help in killing Coronavirus.

Is your home healthy: Ways to keep your house clean and hygienic during this pandemic?

Wash the hands with water and soap, or utilize the alcohol-based hand rub, instantly afterward. Also, disinfect or wash your hamper or laundry bag. Consider the storage of laundry into disposable bags. You might not wish to ruin the clothing or any other materials and that is why you must always look at the instructions of the manufacturer.

3. What’s cooking in your kitchen? Make sure it’s not a virus

Following Hygienic tips is vital in the kitchen as it can be among the most likely places you can transfer Coronavirus in the household. Wash the hands with water and soap for 20 seconds before touching anything, specifically in case you have been at work or outside. Daily wipe down every kitchen surface which includes tabletops, counters, along with the other surface you touch frequently, such as microwave buttons or stove.

Is your home healthy: Ways to keep your house clean and hygienic during this pandemic?

To ensure Clean house, sanitize the hands with 60% (or more than that) alcohol sanitizer in case water and soap are not quickly available. If possible, use the EPA-approved disinfectant. Wash every silverware and dish before as well as after their use.

4. The cleaner your “home office” is, the more productive you are

In case you have the work desk, study room, or home office where you are spending plenty of hours throughout the day, it is inevitable to keep the place hygienic as it is an important part of your Clean house. Also, cross-ventilation is of paramount importance. Make it a point that you have the hand sanitizer as well as there is not a lot of clutter around.

Is your home healthy: Ways to keep your house clean and hygienic during this pandemic?

Always remember that if your space is organized, it will be a lot easier to clean the same. Utilize cleaning wipes for cleaning your keyboard, mouse, and laptop, besides dusting other gadgets daily. Please note that you must not wipe the mouse, keyboard, or any other electronic gadget with the hand sanitizer since these are more often water-based.

5. The technique is all that matters

When it comes to practicing hygiene in the sector of Calgary real estate, do not forget that cleaning techniques can make a significant difference to the risk of the infection. Wiping in the ‘S’ shaped pattern avoids re-contamination as well as will make sure that your surface area is adequately covered. In addition to this, ensure the fact that disposable gloves are worn all the time. After all, you don’t have to wait until something serious happens to practicing good cleaning habits.

Is your home healthy: Ways to keep your house clean and hygienic during this pandemic?

Calgary real estate is also highly prone to COVID-19 infection and that is why having a good cleaning routine is relevant. Yes, these measures cannot guarantee absolute freedom from the infection, however, they assist in making sure that there is a minimized chance of this virus entering your house.

6. Don’t let the virus invade your bedroom

Irrespective of the fact that you share the bed with somebody else or not, never forget that you are not alone in your bed. Dust mites, pet dander, and dust are with you all the time. Not only these bed bugs can irritate you but they also reduce the air quality and prevent you from maintaining a Healthy home . It is because dust mites create waste as well as lay eggs.

Is your home healthy: Ways to keep your house clean and hygienic during this pandemic?

Add dead skin, hair, pollen, and fungi and then you get the allergen-filled blend that can pack the wallop to the sensitive people. So, for avoiding the dust mites utilize zippered pillow covers and plastic mattresses.

7. Is someone not well? Go for quarantine and cleaning

Clean the area within the sick individual’s room a bit more often, utilizing disinfectant after you wash hands, along with giving your taps a clean. If any of your family members display COVID-19 symptoms, they must be quarantined to a single room, preferably with their separate bathroom as this way you can ensure your Healthy home Calgary.

Is your home healthy: Ways to keep your house clean and hygienic during this pandemic?

Moreover, contact with other people must be at the minimum for the fortnight as well as cleaning must be enhanced to many times in a day. If possible, bedsheets and clothes, managed with surgical masks and gloves must be frequently washed for minimizing transmission risk. The clutter and clothing utilized by the infected person can also spread Coronavirus and that is why they must be kept separate so that your effort of maintaining a Healthy home stays intact.

8. Time to flush out the virus in your bathroom

Yes, you do know how to keep the seat and bowl clean, however, how often do you clean your flush handle? The latest COVID-19 can also survive on plastic and steel toilet handles for a maximum of 3 days. So, keep it sanitized with the disinfectant which especially lists battling against viruses or bacteria on the label. One of the pre-requisites of a Healthy home is sanitizing the bathroom with the 60% alcohol solution that can also guide and remove the virus particles of Coronavirus.

Is your home healthy: Ways to keep your house clean and hygienic during this pandemic?


COVID-19 is the airborne disease as well as it can stay on the surfaces for long hours and, at times, for days. This is the time for fumigating a surface wherever the Coronavirus may have even touched. More often, all of us take granted many modern conveniences, as well as a few of these that can bring dangerous germs, chemicals along with safety risks into your house. Take the above-mentioned precautions and steps for making and keeping your house a haven.

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