Timber wood flooring is a finished feature product which is manufactured at the construction site. To do this the raw material is sent to the site and the qualified carpenters work to send them to produce it for use. This embarks a heavy labor intensive installation cost for timber flooring. It requires specialized labor and if you go for something cheap and unprofessional, you will end up in a disappointment. You need to choose from various ranges of timber species that is used for making your choice of timber flooring. You have a variety of style and finish to choose from and one must know how exactly the floor is being installed to ensure the quality of the finished product.

There are certain qualities that you must be aware of timber flooring before you decide on how much to invest and where.

Check the Moisture Content of Your Concrete on Which You Want to Lay the Timber Floors

One must conduct a moisture test on his concrete floor before deciding on to lay the timber floor. The best instrument to check the moisture content is a hygrometer as it helps in measuring the moisture content throughout the thickness of your concrete floor rather than just being constrained to just surface. If the moisture content of your concrete floor is too high, the timber floor laid over it will absorb this extra moisture with time and start to distort thus destroying the overall look and purpose of laying timber floors. Moreover, if your concrete floors are too old then this moisture test becomes mandatory.

Lasting and Enduring Appeal of Timber Flooring

Check the Moisture Content of Your Timber

As it is important to know the moisture content of your concrete, similarly the moisture content of the timber also varies in the place where it is being produced. This moisture content usually varies from nine to fourteen percent. Especially if you are installing the timber flooring with secret nailed methodology then the moisture content of timber becomes crucial. The timber expands and contracts at different rates with varying percentage of moisture in it. You must seek for this information from the vendor from where you are planning to procure your timber floors.

Lasting and Enduring Appeal of Timber Flooring

Percentage of Acclimatization

When the timber is brought before time and is left for a period at the site, the environment works on it before the floor is installed. This procedure of installation is widely known as acclimatization which relates to maintaining the equilibrium of moisture content in your timber. If you leave the flooring to acclimatize in cold, then it will absorb extra moisture from the environment and will expand during installation which will shrink again during the dry season thus forming gaps. The reverse of this happens when the acclimatization is done during dry season. You need experts to decide on whether your timber flooring needs to undergo the process of acclimatization or not before installation.

Lasting and Enduring Appeal of Timber Flooring

Know the Gap for Expansion Joints

All timber floors tend to expand and contract with changing climate which can vary from ten to twelve millimeters. One needs to keep an expansion gap in every five meters of top nailed floors and four meters for secret nailed floors. One requires a thorough site inspection with a professional flooring person before laying timber wood floors that can check all these specifications. Many of these specifications may vary from site to site and thus impact the choice of timber to be laid down and the installation procedure to be opted for.

Lasting and Enduring Appeal of Timber Flooring

In a nut shell, it is an extensive activity which even determines the position of your expansion joints; hence need to be carried out by a professionalonly. For bookings, visit online at paveezzi.com.au

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