Naturally, no bathroom can be visualized without taps. Taps are one of those necessary elements without which every bathroom is incomplete. However, choosing the right bathroom taps is a very challenging task, as one wrong decision can make you repent for days. A perfect tap not only accentuate the looks of your bathroom but also affects the functioning of it. At present, you have plenty of bathroom taps options, which you can choose according to your taste and requirement.

Types of bathroom taps

Monobloc taps

These types of taps have one spout to release both hot and cold water. While talking about the style of such taps, they can be curved or straight. You can get a nice variety of it in the market. The best feature of such taps is that Monobloc taps can easily be fitted together with a wide array of handles. Whether you want to fit it with a capstan or lever, you can do that without any hassles.

Create Luxurious Feel In Bathroom By Selecting Attractive Taps

Pillar taps

These taps include two individual taps, which are meant to dispense hot and cold water separately. Majority of the homeowners prefer installing pillar taps, as they are easily available at any store and are very inexpensive. However, it depends upon whether you want to go for a traditional pillar tap or a modern one with a sleek design. You can use these taps for both sinks and bath.

Deck taps

While talking about the deck taps; they have two individual tap handles. However, the water is dispensed only through a single spout. No, do not confuse it with those Monobloc taps. Unlike Monobloc taps, deck taps are smaller and they are quite flat along the rim. These taps give a traditional look and require high pressure hot and cold water.

Create Luxurious Feel In Bathroom By Selecting Attractive Taps

Dual flow tap

These types of taps have two separate spouts inside of it responsible for dispensing hot and cold water. However, the water comes out only through one spout. The dual flow taps look aesthetically amazing and works great with low water pressure as well. As compared with Monobloc style of taps, these taps are very easy to fit.

Create Luxurious Feel In Bathroom By Selecting Attractive Taps

When it comes to designs and varieties of all these bathroom taps, there are many. You just need to locate a nice store that has the widest range of bathroom taps and offers it all at an affordable price. For this, you can also do your own research on the internet, as it is flooded with such stores. Make sure you have some knowledge about the taps beforehand.

Material of bathroom taps

Bathroom taps are usually made of two types of materials including chrome and brass. Both these materials are considered as highly efficient, as they do not conduct any heat from the water flowing through them. Chrome taps have become the foremost priority for the homeowners, as these bathroom tap’s look aesthetically fantastic and are available in various colors including white. They go well with the rest of the bathroom interiors.

Create Luxurious Feel In Bathroom By Selecting Attractive Taps

On the other hand, brass taps are taken to be more traditional, as people have been using them since decades. They give a classic and simple look. However, the only drawback with these brass taps is that they will hardly match with your entire color theme and design of your bathroom. Thus, it is better that you explore the material thoroughly and then only make the best buy as it is a one-time expenditure.