Summer vacation is at the corner and most of the preparation has already been finished. You are waiting anxiously to bathe in the sun mercilessly and explore the unfamiliar landscapes. What everyone often misses out is how fast the vacation passes and how desperately they will be in need of a reminder of the summer heaven. So why not plan ahead and do yourself a favor by taking memorable shots of the vacation? Here are some reminders of what you should pay attention to.

Don’t Lose Sight of the Obvious

Needless to say, yet in reality we often forget the most important details. Charging the batteries and having a place to store the new photos is an infallible precondition. First of all unclog your camera memory card and prepare it for the upcoming holiday photographs heap. If you are using a film-based camera double check whether you have a reserve film-roll in your pocket.

Make Your Next Summer Holiday A One To Remember

Secondly, make sure to have the batteries full (or have spare ones at your disposal). Nothing is as disappointing as laying hold of the right setting for making the ultimate shot of the holiday followed by batteries’ betrayal.

Be Prompt and Spontaneous

Planning the shots and poses well ahead surely is going to take away some stress of capturing best moments, however spontaneity and discretion will also pay off.

Make Your Next Summer Holiday A One To Remember

Staged photographs and posing upon your “Cheese” request should be just one part of the holiday shots bundle. On the other hand letting your creativity run wild and spontaneously seizing the chances and capturing the moments will put holiday memories into a whole different perspective.

Lose the Bird Perspective

When browsing family photo albums images of children are the ones that get the most attention since they always evoke numerous memories. No matter how natural it might seem to take pictures from your own point of view, from the perspective of adult, it is necessary to squat or even sit down from time to time and make shots of the little ones from their own perspective. This little change makes a huge difference and leaves impressive trace in the family album for many years to come.

Make Your Next Summer Holiday A One To Remember

Smart Alternatives for Using the Flash

No doubt that in certain situations flash comes as a lifesaver. Needless to point out that majority of these situations occur only when fearfully walking down the dark alley. In other times this stroke of cold artificial light will do more harm than good to the subject in the photo. If shooting indoors move the composition as close to the window as possible and act “a middle man” making shots positioned between the subject and the source of natural light.

Make Your Next Summer Holiday A One To Remember

A tip for shooting indoor at night would be to try to illuminate the scenery as much as possible with different sources of light thus preserve soft shades and natural colors. On the contrary, shooting with flash outdoors can often add a professional touch to the photo since in bright day flash can minimize the shadows and make contrasts less highlighted.

Dive into the Underwater Realm

You’ve finally gathered the courage go deep into the blue, so wouldn’t it be pity to miss out on an opportunity to perpetuate this experience?

Make Your Next Summer Holiday A One To Remember

As with any other type of photography you need to know your subject and be aware of its possible darts and flutters. Additionally, make sure you have pre-set your camera to adequate underwater shooting settings. Taking photos under the surface is often challenging due to the lack of light. Outsmart this situation by complementing the available quantity of light with additional camera flash.

Gear up!

One of the best investments when it comes to traveling gadgets is finding the adequate camera to get the maximum out of your experience. On a summer vacation it is not expected of you to stay still, so purchasing a cutting-edge camera that can perform in the bright sun equally good as under the water is a must. One of the recommendations would be the Olympus Tough Camera. Buying a waterproof and freeze proof camera can pay off in the long run.

Make Your Next Summer Holiday A One To Remember

Mastering the Group Photographs

There is a couple of matters to take into consideration when making group photos, but most important is to remember: the more photos, the merrier! Pleasing everyone is often impossible. It is difficult for all family members or friends to have their perfect pose on at the same moment, yet by taking a lot of pictures of groups you are improving the odds of creating a single all-pleasing shot!

Make Your Next Summer Holiday A One To Remember

Another advice when taking this kind of photos is to juxtapose the group members on an uneven ground for breaking up patterns and creating a feeling of tighter bond between them.

In Conclusion

Surely taking pictures is fun and it can induce feelings of importance like being the head photographer at shooting for National Geography or Traveler, however the primal objective of summer vacations is to take in plethora of sun rays, chill at the pool bar and bring home some sea shell extracted from the ocean.