Ohio of all states is one that is rich with culture and beautiful scenery. As a state, Ohio can be described as having its own strong character; while it takes most people time to take to the ways of Ohioans, the process is not hard. Now, since moving to a new state can be overwhelming, after some research, we compiled a checklist of things that you will need to do before moving to Ohio.

This way, you will come from your home state ready to face any challenges that the state throws at you.

Pay a personal visit to the state.

While the internet has made it very easy to know most details that you would find relevant for your move, there is one thing it can’t do. While on the internet a state may seem a bit rigid or a bad fit in general, only a real life experience can tell you the truth.

Moving Checklist: Your Smart Guide Before Moving to Ohio

The internet can’t really capture the atmosphere of any state; especially, Ohio. It is a region that is in a constant state of change and evolution. Moreover, the Ohio vibe is quite a unique one that captivates some and deters others. So, you need to make sure for yourself. Come over, spend a couple of days, see for yourself the available job opportunities, rent rates, price ranges and gather as much information as possible.

Look for a good moving company

You decided that Ohio is a good fit? It’s time to find a company to help you get all your stuff there. MovingCompanyReviews.com usually has a lot of information; enough tell you all about one moving company or the other. Now, the reason this step comes before renting or buying a place is that you need to make sure the move is not too expensive before you make other arrangements.

Moving Checklist: Your Smart Guide Before Moving to Ohio

Manage your Ohio living arrangements

Remember your trip to Ohio, here is where it comes in handy. Start communicating with the owners of the available places you found, make sure they’re still available and start working on finalizing the purchase.

Moving Checklist: Your Smart Guide Before Moving to Ohio


After you have a place in Ohio and book your moving company, it is time to start packing. First, pack the stuff that you can get by without then, as you get closer to the move, pack the essential items.

Moving Checklist: Your Smart Guide Before Moving to Ohio

Set your affairs in order

Before moving, you need to make sure you change your address. You also need to transfer or cancel certain things like cable subscriptions and insurance policy. Another essential step is to start making sure utilities are fully working in your Ohio space, to avoid complications on the day.

Moving in itself can be such a hassle. The potential of having something going wrong can be quite overwhelming and when it does go wrong, it is easy to panic and spiral out of control. However, having a checklist like this one can help you arrange your thoughts. It is guaranteed to help you avoid overlooking any important aspects of your move. Good luck, and godspeed.