If you are a homeowner and even remotely thought about remodeling or repainting your kitchen, you must seriously consider the two pack kitchen cupboards for your kitchen. They are one of the best things, which happened after a long time in the kitchen scene.

The term “Two pack’’ comes from the fact that it uses a two-layer painting process.

  • The first one the normal acrylic and melamine paint.
  • The second one is a resin hardener, also known as poly- isocyanate resin.

Why You must Choose Two Pack Kitchen Cupboards for your Kitchen?

When the two packs are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs, which makes a harder thicker finish on the two pack kitchen cupboards. They are also called as emporite.

The ‘’two pack’’ process was developed for the use in the professional automobile paint industry many years back and is still in use because of its effectiveness. In fact, when kitchen makers adopted the process they only wanted to replicate the gleaming finish, which can be seen in a freshly polished car. Hence, in the initial phases two pack kitchen cupboards were usually available in highly glossy white or black. As the paint become more popular over the years when its other benefits and scratch resistant nature was realized more and more color options became available. Nowadays, one can easily get the two pack as it is available in almost any color and texture, as well.

Why You must Choose Two Pack Kitchen Cupboards for your Kitchen?

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The choice of textures can grossly be divided into three types – the textured, glossy, and smooth finishes. Each of them are ideal of different situations such as:

  • The textures finish is perfect for families with small children due to their matt sheen, which can easily hide stains and marks.
  • Smooth textures like satin offer a balance between looks and scratch resistance.
  • Glossy or shiny looks are perfect when you want your kitchen space to stand out.

Why You must Choose Two Pack Kitchen Cupboards for your Kitchen?

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Here are some major advantages of two pack kitchen cupboards:

  • The paint is quite hard and hence is resistant to peeling off. Small bumps with pots and pans will not even register as scratches on the paint.
  • Absence of glue on the edges and sides.
  • This paint pack is available in almost every possible shade. Hence, you can have a huge choice of colors for your kitchen cupboards.
  • Unlike acrylic or melamine paints where the whole cupboard must be painted together in one sitting to give a seamless look. Whereas, specific areas in the two pack kitchen cupboards can be re-painted by a spray system as and when necessary thus, saving money. This is a boon if you are remodeling your kitchen space and want to save some money.
  • If the current layout of the kitchen space is perfect for you.  The cupboards themselves do not have any damage to speak about, it is best to hire the services of a professional agency to re-coat the cupboards and maybe change the fixtures on them like handles and latches.

Why You must Choose Two Pack Kitchen Cupboards for your Kitchen?

Some of the special requirements:

  • As the painting process is a bit complicated, it is best to left it in the hands of experts or professionals.
  • The spray on paint requirements require the use of a dust free room, as the paint dries slowly. Not all kitchen spaces or houses will be suitable venues to build dust free tents. Hence, the cupboards need to be transported to the workshop, painted, and then brought back for installation.
  • Temperature controlled environment are better suited for these paint jobs.

Why You must Choose Two Pack Kitchen Cupboards for your Kitchen?

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The two pack kitchen cupboards are a great way to transform your kitchen space and offer the best visual appeal as well as functionality.