India, the land of contrasts and convolutions, is a place to be, for all kinds of travellers from an adventure seeker to a scholar and from a honeymoon couple to a gastronomic traveller. There are bountiful of activities to do and witness in this multifarious sub-continent. These are not only crazy experiences but they would go down the chapter in your life as beautiful memories. So, what better time to hit on an adventure trip, whilst you are still unmarried?

Although the Indian adventure experience is an unfathomable process, to list a few most loved adventure destinations, here is a list.

Ladakh, India – Fondly famous as the ‘cold desert of the north’

Paragliding in Ladakh: Having a bird’s eye-view of the mesmerizing Ladakh is an awesome feeling. About 4000m above sea level, you get to play with the strong winds gushing towards you over the Indus Valley, India.

Top 5 Must Visit Destinations in India Before You Get Married

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Markha Valley Trek: This will showcase what Ladakh has to offer- thrills with serenity.

The Stok Kangri climb: This is for all who love to win over their fears and is all set to take the strenuous climb of over 6000m where lies the opportunity to get along with the local people of Ladakh.

Top 5 Must Visit Destinations in India Before You Get Married

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Rajasthan – An exclusively royal experience offered by the multi-diverse princely state

Dancing with the dunes in Rajasthan: Blended with the multi-faceted culture and hospitality, the jeep safari of Bikaner and camel safaris in the abysmal sand of Jaisalmer is an experience not-to-be-missed. The desert festival of Jaisalmer is another highlight of Rajasthan which will be in your memories for long.

Hot air ballooning in Rajasthan: A breathtaking aerial view would keep you hooked for a long time while you take an enthralling ride in colourful balloons flying high up. Grab those peaceful moments through the skies!

Top 5 Must Visit Destinations in India Before You Get Married

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Wildlife in Ranthambore National Park: Unleash the wilder side in you and take a tour through Ranthambore National Park. The park, being well acclaimed for roaring tigers and a range of flora and fauna in the dense woods, calls you for an unforgettable adventure through the rocky terrain of the Aravallis. Since 1957, the renowned name Ranthambore is sheltering wildlife which make this place list in the to be visit destinations.

Top 5 Must Visit Destinations in India Before You Get Married

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Sikkim – Lets move over to Sikkim, India to walk around the untouched and tranquil nature

Rafting in Sikkim: The wild waters and the undiscovered features of Sikkim are over the edge in terms of rafting. Teesta and Rangit are the untamed rivers that invite you for one-of-a-kind rafting experience. The vibrant rivers allow rafters to overcome the challenges posed by rapids of grade 4 and above. Trekking and kayaking are equally loved on these rivers.

Top 5 Must Visit Destinations in India Before You Get Married

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Put on the helmets to span the ups and downs of Sikkim on Biking trips: The charisma of biking across the old, inaccessible and secluded world holds sheer thrill in itself. Also witness the applauded monasteries, fresh green gardens of tea plantation and too much of trails to bike around.

Dzongri trek, an expedition in itself: Wild woods, rich flora and fauna, fluttering butterflies, exquisite orchids, humming of the wild birds, plush meadows, caravan trails and trekking at 4000mts. Welcome to the Dzongri trekking experience!

Top 5 Must Visit Destinations in India Before You Get Married

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Goa – Music, colours, clothes, drinks, beaches, culture, never ending thrills… you get it all, in Goa!

Quad biking to Butterfly Beach in Goa, India: Nothing less than a lifetime adventure, quad biking spells out the wilderness of Goan jungles! An intriguing Butterfly beach tour, swimming across the pristine waters of the beach clubbed with paddy fields and scraggly hills, quad biking to and fro is extremely exciting.

Top 5 Must Visit Destinations in India Before You Get Married

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Paragliding at Anjuna: Due to the southwest winds, you will be taking off from the top cliff at north Anjuna, India, whereas, at south Anjuna, you will use the smaller cliff to take off due to the strong northwest winds. Having the heavenly condition in around 1 km of flying space, this becomes an excellent experience. The beach also stands apt for sailing, swimming and spending a lazy afternoon.

Top 5 Must Visit Destinations in India Before You Get Married

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Unravel the underwater kingdom of Goa, India through Scuba diving: The boundless marine life on the shores of Goa seems colourful and visually pleasing. The tempting underwater cosmos would prove to be even more magical when watched in the visibility range of five to twenty meters. Yes, scuba diving offers you such an experience. And this is another thing you can do in India.

Uttarakhand – Proffering the superlative adventure for you!

Rafting in Rishikesh: When the white rapids send the chills down your spine, you won’t ask for more adventure. This is nothing less than a paradise to satiate your adventure streak and challenge your fears. Between Kaudiayala to Rishikesh, rafting is done over 36 kms of distance with 13 rapids. Other activities to indulge in here are: cliff jumping, rock climbing, kayaking, yoga, mountain biking and such.

Top 5 Must Visit Destinations in India Before You Get Married

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Treat the wildlife aficionado in you at The Corbett National Park, India: It is a heaven for wildlife lovers that greet them with the rare sights of the Bengal tigers and spectacular elephants. The most intrinsic element to attract visitors is different types of safaris. Experiencing jeep safari, elephant safari or canter safari would leave you with a lasting impression. You will also love the nature walks out here. To note here, before planning a trip, you should check out the best time to visit Corbett.

Top 5 Must Visit Destinations in India Before You Get Married

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Pump up the adrenaline with bungee jumping in Rishikesh: Jumping from height to have one-on-one with white waters below, nothing can be more stunning than this. Your ankles tied with rubber chords while jumping from 83 m of height surely drives up the spirit.

Please your eyes with picturesque landscapes go trekking to the valley of flowers in Rishikesh: 3600 m above sea level and covered with snowy peaks, a valley of flowers awaits with exotic fragrances blooming in beautiful shapes and sizes. Trekking distance is around 17 km and to its prestige; it is a widely known ‘World Heritage Site’.

Top 5 Must Visit Destinations in India Before You Get Married

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Travel, discover and make memories…. so that you collect plenty of them to share with your partner or make great bedtime stories for your kids. Be sure India to be one of them.

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Anshul is a wildlife enthusiast, who loves to wander around different wildlife destinations of India. At the same time, he has got a command over writing and thus, he pens down and shares his experience with the world.