As we all know very well, the coffee nowadays turned from a pleasure into an essential, a real need, especially early in the morning. It is believed that the coffin helps the people function better in a sense that it keeps the brain cells awake for a longer period of time, it keeps the organism to be more concentrate on the activities and it regulates the blood pressure. Not that it’s just tasty and delicious but it’s good for the health the doctors say.

However, not all coffees are equal. They differ in their taste, the degree of how strong they are, the intensity of the color, the way you prepare it and so on. The reason is the custom of the country they come from through the years. So we have a list of coffees worldwide recommended for all the coffee lovers. At the same time you will both enjoy your coffee and enjoy the trip to that particular country.

1.  Turkish coffee, Turkey

Its country of origin is Turkey, however quite a long time ago it became popular in all the Balkan countries so you can easily find it there as well. It is believed to be among the strongest coffees. Its flavor is unique and the fortunetellers use it to predict your future after you’ve enjoyed it. It is originally served with a Turkish delight.

A Must Visit  Places For The Coffee Lovers Worldwide

2. Egg coffee, Vietnam

This tiramisu-like coffee is more than a simple pleasure. Made with egg yolk, condensed milk, hot coffee and sugar it’s a unique experience when the coffees worldwide are in question. Feel free to skip the dessert because this coffee is not just tasty but it has a healthy dose of protein in it.

3. Kaffeost, Finland

Ever heard about coffee made with a piece of cheese? Well, welcome to Finland and do not miss their traditional kaffeost which is made with a small piece of cheese called juustoleipa. You firstly add the piece of cheese into the mug, then fill it with hot dose of coffee and leave it for a minute or two. After finishing your coffee you are supposed to eat the piece of cheese. It’s something you definitely have to try.

A Must Visit  Places For The Coffee Lovers Worldwide

4. Kafe del Olla, Mexico

It is traditionally served with cinnamon and piloncillo which is the rawest form of sugar cane. It is a clean coffee but it contains a lot of sugar.

A Must Visit  Places For The Coffee Lovers Worldwide

5. Café des Epices, Morocco

Their coffee differs from all the other types of coffee in a way that it contains blend of spices like nutmeg, sesame seeds and a bit of black pepper. It is a powerful antioxidant as well. Some research have shown that the nutmeg works as an antidepressant so it has many uses, not just like a ‘’wake up’’ drink in the morning.
A Must Visit  Places For The Coffee Lovers Worldwide

A Must Visit  Places For The Coffee Lovers Worldwide