Bored of your Ikea furnished, standard looking home? Take a look at the world`s strangest yet interesting homes and get inspired for a fresh new look!

The Futuro House:

The Futuro House  is designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen.. It was initially designed as a vacation home in the mountains. The structure is easy to transport and is low maintenance. Its a little over 26 feet in diameter and 500ft² . The last shell was sold for $52,000 in the US.

Odd Living in the Strangest Homes

The Nautilus House, Mexico:

The Nautilus House, Mexico, is a seashell-inspired is designed and built by Senosiain Arquitectos. It has won the World Architecture Festival 2008 award. It is also worth mentioning that it`s earthquake-proof!

Odd Living in the Strangest Homes

Container City, London, Great Britain

Located in London, The Container City™ , is an all green city put together from shipping containers and it includes offices, classrooms, sports halls, creative spaces, sound recording studios and community centers. According to Lamudi, these low-cost buildings ensures an environment conscious approach project that received recognition from many famous Architects.

Odd Living in the Strangest Homes

Image by .Martin. via Flickr

Micro compact home

Less is more, is the main focus of these high quality compact ‘living’ spaces. It is available all over Europe and its functioning spaces of sleeping, working/dining, cooking and hygiene make it suitable for everyday use.

Odd Living in the Strangest Homes

Image by libby rosof via Flickr

Stone home portugal

Built in 1974, this primitive looking Stone house is not lacking in amenities. It even has a fireplace and a swimming pool–carved out of one of the large rocks. It`s Eco friendly and has an incredible view on the wind turbines over the Portuguese hills.

Odd Living in the Strangest Homes

Photo by Ilya Varlamov via