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Out of This World Hotel Experiences

If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary for your next vacation, you are on the right place. In the following article you can find a great infographic about hotel experiences that are out of this world. Starting of with an underground suite at Sala Silvermine hotel in Sweden, you can enjoy a different rocky experience. If you are a little more interested in something that is totally different than the normal then we recommend you to go to Berlin, Germany and visit Propeller Island City Lodge. Here you can stay at an upside down rooms.

You wondered how the it would look like to be an Eskimo and live in igloos, then your destination is the Igloo Village in Finland. In contrary if you feel cold and you want to experience the warm weather, just go to Tanzania and stay in an underwater hotel. You can visit Dubai if you would like to stay in the highest suspended hotel suite, or if you feel like sick of heights, just go to Bolivia and taste the salty hotel there or go back to Sweden again and enjoy the stay in the pine forest in the suites of the Treehotel there.

Thanks to The Oceans Sands Hotel we can share with you all these wonderful information about the unusual hotels you can find in the world.

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