If you’re looking to be one with nature, you should try camping. Camping is one of the best activities you can do when you’re spending time outdoors. The fresh air, the lush green scenery, the wild, just everything nature has to offer is within your reach when camping.

With that said, nature can be harsh for those who come unprepared. So in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the stuff you should be bringing along.

Heat and Light Source

With fire, you can cook food, clean materials, create tools, provide light and warmth, etc. If you plan on venturing into the wild, fire will be your best friend. A firestarter can help you start a fire easier than traditional methods.

Outdoor Adventure: Things to Pack for a Camping Trip

One of the best uses of fire outdoors is illumination. However, bringing a torch everywhere you go in the wild can be dangerous and impractical. As a safer alternative, you can carry a flashlight. Gofastandlight provides some of the best flashlights for camping.

Tools and First Aid Kit

When out in the wild, you’ll need tools to get by. For example, you need tools to set up your tent correctly. You’ll also need something to cut ropes, meat, fibers, etc. A multi-tool can help you with a lot of those things. Multi-tools are also a good option, so you won’t have to carry around many tools. EDC or Every Day Carry flashlights are also good tools to have. You can use these flashlights as a self-defense tool for wild animals.

Outdoor Adventure: Things to Pack for a Camping Trip

A first aid kit can also come in handy when camping. A small wound can get infected fast in certain conditions. First aid kits often come with bandages, bandage scissors, alcohol, disinfectants, and even medicine.

Food and Water

For newbies who want to go camping, it’s a good idea to bring ready-to-eat food. Having food ready means that you’re prepared if you’re going to be staying outdoors longer than usual.

Water is also vital when going outdoors. Always have a few containers full of water with you. If it runs out, a natural source of water can help. Of course, before drinking water from a river or a stream, make sure it’s safe to drink. You can bring in portable water filtration packs or purifying tablets as well. Lastly, adding another extra layer of protection is always a good idea. You should boil water and let it cool down before using it for anything.

Outdoor Adventure: Things to Pack for a Camping Trip

The Right Clothes and Your Tent

Whenever you’re going outdoors, always prepare yourself to be battered with nature’s forces. The best places to camp will often have wet areas such as streams, ponds, swamps, rivers, etc., that you need to cross. If you get wet, hypothermia can set in real quick.

Outdoor Adventure: Things to Pack for a Camping Trip

Also, weather conditions are unpredictable. To protect you against the harsh conditions, you’ll need a sturdy tent as well. A tent will help protect against insects, the cold, rain, and other stuff you’ll encounter in the wild.

The Right Pack

With all the stuff mentioned above, you’ll need the right backpack to carry everything. First, choose a pack that’ll evenly distribute weight on your back. According to this packing guide, a 65 or 70-litre backpack can be enough for all the stuff you’ll bring. You can bring in the best flashlights, the right water containers, some more food, and other things that you might need with those packs.

Outdoor Adventure: Things to Pack for a Camping Trip


Going camping is one of the most rewarding activities you can do. Of course, before venturing out into the great outdoors, you need to be adequately prepared. As a safety precaution, always inform significant others of your trip,In addition, you so they’ll know where you are. Once you’re out in the wild, follow the proper guidelines so you’ll make the most out of your trip.