The original selfie – photo booths are a LOT of fun – and that’s partly down to the hilarious results and mishaps which can arise, especially during parties when alcohol is free flowing! Here’s our top pick of photo booth fails, but which one is your favourite?

Out of the picture

When nobody’s behind the lens, it’s often the case that in their excitement to capture the moment people inadvertently end up with partially chopped-off heads, arms or even full bodies missing. It’s even more common to have groups of people (or just their heads!) hovering in the bottom right or left-hand corner of the picture. Or you may find one unfortunate member of the group being decapitated completely, ruining what was otherwise a fabulous shot.

Photo Booth pictures gone wrong!

Image by Good Karma Booths via Flickr

Little Shop of Horrors

Purikura is a Japanese editing programme installed in many photo booths in the country which manipulates skin colour and enlarges eyes. It also gives users the ability to add colours and graphics to their photos resulting in some rather wacky creations. The most shocking and crazy examples of Purikura involve people with huge bug eyes with lots of crazy cartoons flying around their heads – or even in their own cartoon fantasy world pulling funny faces and poses.

The old ‘two fingers behind the head’

It’s the ‘hilarious’ go-to pose – sticking two fingers behind your mate’s head to make them look like an alien or an over-sized tellytubby. Sorry guys, but for us it’s a photo booth fail – whatever happened to originality? Cut it out!

Goofy Glasses

Accessorising photo booth snaps is a time-honoured tradition – and in our time we’ve seen our fair share of feather boas, fans, wigs, plants, food items and even animals. The old favourite though is the goofy glasses – oversized with warped lenses in wacky, garish colours.

Photo Booth pictures gone wrong!

Image by Thompson Rivers University via Flickr

Give us a kiss!

It’s the perfect romantic gesture – cute couples shots to cherish forever. Not quite so, though, for the unfortunate ones who find their loved-up photoshoot to produce less than ideal results. Some photo booths have plenty of room to accommodate couples and even groups – some, however, are a little on the small side. Cue embarrassing missed kisses, squashed faces and awkward-looking clinches.

Photo Booth pictures gone wrong!

Image by Mods v. Rockers SF via Flickr

Here comes the bride…

Photo booths are the perfect addition to wedding evening celebrations – they’re fantastic fun for all your guests and, of course, the couple get the added bonus of flicking through the hilarious results for weeks to come! The only downside however, is if your photo booth is on the small side is fitting the bride herself (and her huge dress!) inside. This can be especially tricky if she fancies getting snapped with her brand new husband or one or more guests.

Photo Booth pictures gone wrong!

Image by Monica Willits via Flickr

The Passport Photo (AKA the Mug Shot)

We all know the one – the person who takes it way too seriously and ends up looking like they have been convicted of murder – even on a party photo. Seriously, lighten up!

Photo Booth pictures gone wrong!

Image by Silicon Prairie News via Flickr

Who was that?

There’s always that one picture after a night out where you look and think ‘who was that?’ photo booths lend themselves to sneaky shot invaders creeping in at the corners – but it all adds to the fun!

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