Imagine getting a chance to attend someone’s happiest day in their life and create a memory of that event. People want to remember the days they spent surrounded by people they love and during beautiful occasions is when that happens most often. By such events, we mean weddings, birthdays, christening or even some business conferences. Such events are fulfilled with music and laughter, however, you can feel stressed because you want everything to turn out the way your clients imagined.

If you are a beginner and you are just getting started, or if you have practised this art for a long time and want to remind yourself of the rules that will help you take better photos of outdoor events, keep reading the article.

Organize yourself and write it down

You should make a scenario in your head for how you would like to take photos. You need to know what you want to achieve with them. See what kind of photos you want to take and in how many poses and where exactly. There are many types of photography. Today, when social networks are popular, people will want to share happy moments with their friends. For that reason, you need to think about how to make a good concept of such photos.

Photography strategies on outdoor events

Be focused

Pay attention to candid moments. As a photographer, you need to be aware of the surroundings and the people around you. Spontaneous photos often turn out best. When taking photos like that, you need to be discreet, so that the reactions and behaviour of the person in the picture are honest. Capture the moments when people are smiling and they are happy. Formal photos are important, but still, these sincere moments usually become the most beautiful memories for people.

Photography strategies on outdoor events

Find the perfect place to take photos

Before going to the event, explore the ambience where the celebration will be held. Sometimes the perfect place for photography can be a wall decorated with balloons, and when the event takes place outdoors, it can be by the river. A nice background affects the aesthetics of photography. In addition to such photos, people also like to take some goofy photos. However, sometimes they are not comfortable enough to do it in front of a professional camera. Every good party should have a photo booth. If the hosts of the event would like a photo booth hire in Sydney, the guests would surely be delighted and would like to make unforgettable memories themselves.

Photography strategies on outdoor events

Lighting is important

The best time of day to take photos outside is in the morning when the sun’s rays are gentle, and in the evening, the golden hour – until the sunsets. Also, the best time to take photos outside during the day is when there are clouds and the light is not so strong. The sun should not go directly into your camera. Ideally, the light source comes from behind your back or from behind your head. It is better for your photo to be less bright than too bright, because later during processing you can lighten the first one, while a photo that is too bright will be difficult to darken.

Photography strategies on outdoor events

Take multiple photos of the same shots

One of the tricks to take a good photographer is to take more photos of all the shots. Make a variety of posed photos. You can always advise people on how to adjust the pose, to look as good as possible. Zoom, change the angle, change the focus, change the settings, make a horizontal and vertical version of the photo. You shouldn’t be in a hurry when you want to take a good picture. A good photo is not just one click. It’s more angles, different focal points, more poses to change. Good photography takes time. For a good shot, it is necessary to capture a moment of joy.

Photography strategies on outdoor events

Besides the photos, make a video too

In addition to photos, videos are a great way to mark a celebration. These are real moments that you record during that day. Pay attention to small details and little things. With the recorded video, the story of the event will be complete. By editing photos and videos, you should make a movie with background music. It will be a lasting memory that will mean something to your clients. You should feel proud that you had the opportunity to be there and make memories of their special day and have happy and satisfied clients that are sure to recommend you for any upcoming events.

Photography strategies on outdoor events

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