Up until now, you may have taken short motorcycle trips to nearby destinations. This may have been a day trip or a weekend getaway. Now may be the perfect time to step up by planning an extended journey on a cross-country motorcycle trip. As you might imagine, planning this type of expedition requires you to conduct more research and to think about the fine details. Use these tips to guide your efforts as you prepare for your big trip.

Research Attractions Off-the-Beaten Path

Some people plan to ride their motorcycle across hundreds of miles day after day, but this can be exhausting. It also may not be as eventful as you would like your trip to be. Spend time looking at a map and researching each location that you intend to pass through. Focus on museums, points of interests, popular local restaurants and other attractions that may not be well-known. Getting off your bike and exploring each area in detail can be fascinating and enriching.

Planning for a Cross Country Motorcycle Trip

Create a Daily Budget

The last thing that you want is to run out of money and be forced to head home before you are ready. Prepare a reasonable daily budget that accounts for lodging, food, gas and miscellaneous items. These expenses can vary dramatically from day to day depending where you travel, so research costs as you prepare your budget.

Planning for a Cross Country Motorcycle Trip

Prepare for the Unexpected

Regardless of how you plan to travel, you must be prepared for the unexpected. Have a contingency fund available to pay for a worst-case scenario. Keep the phone numbers for roadside assistance and a motorcycle accident attorney stored in your phone. Weather conditions can change dramatically and without much notice, so pack a variety of clothing options to ensure your comfort during your trek.

Planning for a Cross Country Motorcycle Trip

Think About Your Comfort

While clothing plays a major role in your comfort, other factors are also at play. For example, you may need to invest in a new helmet so that you can listen to music and have your eyes shielded from the sun while traveling. Invest in quality sunscreen lotion, and plan ahead to protect your skin against wind-related dryness and irritation. When creating your itinerary, set a reasonable limit on daily mileage so that you do not develop muscle cramps and other health issues.

Planning for a Cross Country Motorcycle Trip

A cross-country motorcycle trip could be the experience of a lifetime. However, numerous things could prevent you from fully enjoying your trip. When you plan ahead in these ways, you can maximize the benefits of your trip and reduce the chance of being exposed to stressful situations.