Well before the leaves begin to fall and the weather starts to cool off, you will need to consider winterizing your home. Carrying out a few simple maintenance tasks could have a big impact on your utility bills during the coldest months of the year and help you avoid major damage to your home.

Start With the Roof

Even if you don’t live in an area that gets heavy winter storms, you still want to be sure that your roof is well-maintained and damage-free throughout the winter months. If you aren’t comfortable inspecting your own roof, then you should call a local roofing contractor who can look for small cracks, damaged shingles, and other common problems. Many roofers will also check your home’s insulation to see if it needs to be replaced or upgraded. If you have an attic, this is an especially good thing to have checked as old insulation can lose a lot of heat and cost you more money to keep the home temperatures up compared to just replacing the insulation.

Prep Your Home for Winter With These 4 Tips

Check for Drafts

Throughout the year, changing temperatures are going to affect all of the building materials throughout your home. As those materials expand and contract, your home might develop any number of unwanted openings. Drafts can typically be found around doors and windows, but you should also take a look at all of the vents and pipes leading into your home. Most cracks can easily be patched with some inexpensive caulk from a local home improvement store. When it comes to doors, however, the crack between the ground and the door can’t be fixed with caulk so you may need to look for an alternative fix such as a draft cover or foam piece that helps prevent the cold air from getting through.

Prep Your Home for Winter With These 4 Tips

Service the Boiler

Those who rely on a boiler to keep their homes warm will need to have that equipment serviced as well. While you should be able to carry out a basic visual inspection on your own, a professional should also service the boiler at least once a year. If the device is damaged, then you want to have a boiler repair company take care of the damage well before the heating system is turned on. Since the boiler may be the main way of warming your home, it is especially important that you review this at least a month before the cold weather is anticipated so you can take you have plenty of time to schedule the repair company or review maintenance tasks before hand.

Prep Your Home for Winter With These 4 Tips

Flush the Water Heater

Many homeowners never even think about maintaining their water heaters until a major problem occurs. While those devices are usually very durable, they still need to be inspected and maintained at regular intervals. In the average home, a water heater must be flushed at least once a year. You should also contact a water heater specialist if you ever have any issues with hot water throughout your home. This will be especially important if you want to have warm showers or even warm water to wash your hands since the cold weather may make cold water very uncomfortable.

Prep Your Home for Winter With These 4 Tips

Some of this maintenance might not seem necessary, but a few preventative projects could boost your family’s comfort and prevent serious catastrophes during the frigid winter months. Proper maintenance is also going to extend the lifespan of vital equipment in your home and prevent unnecessary breakdowns.