Winter is a lovely time of year. The holidays have made everyone festive and generous. The family gatherings seem to occur daily, and work is not as high a priority. Of course, a winter getaway is a perfect way to celebrate the season. Do you feel prepared?

Get into Shape Before you Leave

Even though a proper diet and exercise routine should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle, there’s something about booking a winter getaway that motivates people to get back into shape. As soon as the confirmation email arrives, most people start researching ways to lose a few pounds or tone up the abdomen and glutes. With only a few weeks as a deadline, it can feel overwhelming to reach simple fitness goals. Instead of stressing out and adding unnecessary weight gain, use a fitness app.

Prepare for Your Winter Getaway with These Travel Hacks

Fitness Apps Can Help

To date, more than half of smartphone users have downloaded and used a physical fitness app. So, let technology help you smash those fitness goals and set healthy foundations. There are a multitude of apps on the market available to help with any aspect of fitness, health, and nutrition. While some will specialize in niche areas, others provide overall fitness tracking. Choose the right app for your specific needs, and you’ll feel amazing by the time the plane takes off.

Prepare for Your Winter Getaway with These Travel Hacks

Don’t Neglect Your Beauty Routine

About a week before travel day, make sure to handle all things beauty related. Remove unwanted hair, self-tan, and get your hair vacation-ready.

No one wants to show up to the beach with unsightly stubble growth and irritated skin. Therefore, safely remove unwanted hair with pulsed light technology that leaves the skin feeling smooth and bump-free. Unlike waxing or shaving, pulsed light gets to the root of the hair follicle without causing damage. After some treatments, hair does not grow back.

Prepare for Your Winter Getaway with These Travel Hacks

You can achieve spa level skin treatment with a portable handheld device wherever your trip takes you. At all times, the Silk’n line of products will keep you looking your best while you’re hitting the beaches and the bars.

Only Pack Essentials

When it comes down to packing, remember to bring the essentials. Buy the travel sizes of your routine beauty products. Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you should sacrifice skincare altogether.

Prepare for Your Winter Getaway with These Travel Hacks

Now, not everyone needs to self-tan. But, if you have patches of sun-kissed skin mixed with parts of your body that haven’t seen the sun in months, you may want to self-tan. Especially if part of your vacation is to soak up more rays, give your body one overall complexion to start with. If not, your vacation tan will still leave you in patches.

Next up, it is time to get your hair done. Unless you’re the adventurous type, getting touched by a hairstylist you’ve never met before in an area you’ve probably not been to before is a big no-no. So before departing, book that salon appointment to get your hair done professionally.

Prepare for Your Winter Getaway with These Travel Hacks

And finally, it is time to get fully submerged into vacation mode. The nails are polished, the hair is styled, the sunglasses are on, and the mimosas are out.

Enjoy your trip. You deserve it.