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Whether you are constructing a new house or renovating an old one, the door is one of the most essential parts of either of the projects. The door is the first thing that people sees and notices when they come to your home. Moreover, the door is one of the openings in your house; hence need to be strong enough so that it provides you maximum security. People who have good taste for doors always go for the timber doors. These types of doors look natural and add to the beauty of your house on the whole. These doors are durable and strong in nature too.

There many such reasons that one should really go for timber doors:

#1. Appealing Texture:

Timber has been used to make doors from ancient times. Till now the response and demand for timber are not reduced. There are a lot of designs of timber doors available in the market. Getting an appropriate one for your house will add to the beauty of your house.

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#2. Maintains Heat:

While the other material needs internal chambers, many internal coatings, etc. to keep the temperature of your house constant or warm. Timber doors do not require such coating or treatment as they are natural insulators. Timber does not allow heat to escape the house. It keeps the house warm. Hence there is no need for any extra heating appliances.

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#3. Less Maintenance:

Gone are the times when one used to maintain and take care of the timber doors regularly by polishing it, painting it, etc. but nowadays you don’t have to worry. These modern timber doors do not need any major maintenance. All you need to do is, re-paint it after every 5 years. You may clean this door with a dry cloth. Hence installing these doors will be beneficial for you in every aspect.

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#4. Use of Engineered and Legal Wood:

Many people think that timber is obtained from any trees. But it’s not true. This wood which is used for making doors is engineered and obtained from forest that is approved by the government. Make sure you buy the timber which is approved by the authorities. This will help you to get legal timber which is approved for making doors.

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#5. Customization Available:

These doors can be easily customized according to your need. You can also change the color or the design of the timber doors. The only thing you need to do is tell the manufacturer or the storekeeper about your requirement. Hence you can get the design of your choice. Other materials may not have a customization option.

Photo by Daniel Lomma Design

#6. Highly Durable in Nature:

These timber doors have a very long life and can last for at least 30 years. They are comparatively more durable than other materials that are available in the market. If proper maintenance is done, they shall last for a lifetime.

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#7. Strong:

Timber doors work excellently at fending off the harshest of the weather. These doors can bear high levels of wind, air, and water pressure. Timber is also strong enough and high level of security of the house. As there might be some expensive things in your house. It is vital that security is maintained. Installing timber doors will provide you the security that you are in search for. This will also help you to be stress-free.

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These are the seven reason for which you should consider installing timber doors in your house. These doors are heavy and hence won’t break easily. Also, make sure that you hire a professional for the installation process. Doing this process on your own won’t help you and it will also be risky. You may also consult the installer about the timber material doors.

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