At first glance, the desire to book a room near the runway is similar to the desire to live in an apartment with windows facing a ten-lane highway. However, some hotels are being built not only near the airport but also within walking distance of the runway. In what cases it may be more comfortable to fall asleep accompanied by the sound of an airplane engine than in a usual hotel, we will find out in our article.


First of all, hotels near the airport will suit those travelers who come to the city for one or two days. It makes sense to book a room at such a hotel in the following cases.

– You have a long connection and you want to use it for work or a comfortable vacation. Sometimes you can have a 10, 12 or even 14 hours break between flights. If you have already seen all the sights in the city, it may make sense to spend that time at a hotel – for example, a good night’s sleep. In addition, the salad and soup at the most common café at the airport may be worth a good dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Pros and Cons of Airport Hotels For Business Travel

– You come to an exhibition or conference which is close to the airport. For example, the Palexpo exhibition center is located two hundred meters from Geneva International Airport.

– Your flight is inconvenient and there is no public transportation from the airport to the center at night. If you do not want to spend money on a taxi, stay until the morning at a nearby hotel.

Pros and Cons of Airport Hotels For Business Travel

– You plan to rent a car to move around the country. All the car rental companies have their rental facilities at the airport. You can fly in, spend the night at the hotel, take the car in the morning and travel and on the way back, book a room for one night at the same hotel. Moreover, hotels near the airports usually provide free parking for their guests.

Pros and Cons of Airport Hotels For Business Travel

– After calculating all the costs, you have found that even with express tickets to the city center, hotel accommodation at the airport is much cheaper. For example, for a standard room at Quality Inn Halifax Airport, you will have to pay from $100 (free transfer for guests), and for the same room at Alt Hotel Halifax Airport from $200.


Inexpensive hotels at airports are located in the industrial zone, so from their windows, you can only see the industrial landscape, and promenade will be replaced by cocktails in the bar or watching movies. In addition, not all hotels have grocery stores or pharmacies. If you get tired of dining in a restaurant or have a headache, the only option is to get on a shuttle and go to town. Remember also to ask about free parking: if the hotel is located on the airport grounds, it is likely to cost some money.

Pros and Cons of Airport Hotels For Business Travel

With soundproof windows, thick curtains and noise absorbent materials, the noise of airplanes are indeed most often not heard. But if you want to open the window, drink a cup of coffee on the terrace or read the newspaper on the balcony, only earplugs may help you with the noise of engines taking off and landing planes.

Pros and Cons of Airport Hotels For Business Travel

And most importantly, check all the information about transfer in detail before booking: sometimes a phrase “in walking distance” means 30 minutes along the highway. Such surprises are able to spoil your mood and no free fitness, welcome cocktail or a huge bed will fix it.