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Have the Right Gear for an Adventure Vacation

Adventure vacations are thrilling, action-packed trips that usually involve encounters with nature. Whether you travel near or far, you are in for excitement. Some of the most beautiful views and biggest physical challenges can be found on an adventure outdoors. Mark off your ultimate adventure vacation bucket list, and check out what to pack for a better trip.

Get in on the action

Take a trip to push you to the limits and immerse yourself in the great outdoors. Tap into your primal instincts to conquer nature and take pride in the fact that you can overcome the physical challenges involved. There are adventurous destinations for almost any fitness level, so don’t be afraid to start with a beginner’s level trip and work up to more challenging expeditions.

Gear up

Bringing the right equipment can make or break your adventure. Pack the most essential items and avoid over-packing, which can be a challenge, especially if it is your first trip of this type.

Adventurers usually need the functionality of a backpack. Consider what gear you need to pack before buying the best backpack. You will want one that is sturdy, waterproof, and that has plenty of pouches and zippers. Anti-theft backpacks can be expensive, but worth the investment since they are slash-proof. Rather than squishing everything loosely into your backpack for your adventure, look for travel bags that act as zipped pouch dividers for your things.

The outdoors is filled with natural beauty, but possible adverse weather requires you bring waterproof outerwear and sturdy hiking boots. Just make sure to break in your boots before you hit the trails. Copper wear is a necessity since copper infused material is breathable, moisture-wicking, and anti-odor. Copper infused compression socks, knee sleeves, and back braces can ease your aches while you are pushing yourself to the limit.

Being prepared for any weather condition is never easy, so take clothing that can be layered. Layering fleece jackets allows you to manage your comfort level, especially on low altitude trips. Big jackets might be useful in high altitudes, but can cause overheating with movement in some settings and require you to lug around a large item when not in use.

Specialized equipment might be required, but try to leave large camera lenses and unessential electronics at home unless your purpose is to photograph and document. Remember to make space in your luggage for essentials like your passport, documents, medication, first aid kit, and a small amount of local currency to be used where you are headed.

Where to go

National parks have much more to offer than photo opportunities. You will find stunning views while trekking across a naturally stunning backdrop. Consider a small group tour with a private guide across several national parks to hike a variety of destinations. Push yourself beyond the path of most tourists. Plan a day at the Grand Canyon. Go beyond the required stop at the visitor center by hiking for up to three hours down a trail. Add activities to your itinerary like horse riding, water sports, and unique on-site accommodations.

Climbing Kilimanjaro might be something that you have set your mind on doing. Kilimanjaro is a great choice for climbers due to its feasibility compared to other summits. It is kept clean and has naturally diverse beauty of a snow covered mountain, a mass of green forest, and dry savannah all around. Bring your camera because you will find unique plants and animals in this varied landscape. Take your time by choosing a longer route to avoid altitude sickness and to soak in every detail during the experience.

Hike the Inca Trail and camp on the mountainside. Here you will find the marvels of Machu Picchu and Cuzco. Make time for fun adventures like mountain biking and zip-lining during your trip. Consider taking a jungle hike or boat trip along the Peruvian Amazon to get a glimpse of macaws, howler monkeys, and caiman.

Take a cycling trip with colorful and picturesque views in northern Vietnam. Explore temples, caves, and national parks on bicycle. Fill your schedule with a raft trip, water puppet show, or train trip. Plan excursions where you dismount to spend a night in a tribal longhouse or on a houseboat among vertically towering limestone islands.

Thrill-seeking skiers have to add heli-skiing in Alaska to their list. You will be taken up the mountain in a helicopter to ski mountains covered in pristine powder. Alaska is set apart from other destinations due to the size and scale of the slopes. Snow falls thick enough to coat the steepest faces you can find.

Your adventure trip should make for great memories. Whether you are cycling in a foreign land or trekking a nearby landscape, remember that what you pack can make the trip easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

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