Several Ideas for Remodeling Your Sunroom

People tend to think that sunrooms should have the basic setting. Large windows, a couple of furniture items and some past time accessories, be it books or some kind of multimedia device that occupies our thoughts while spending our free time there. However, there are several functional and designer ideas that can make this place into more comfortable and enriched. Dedicate some time in studying them carefully and you will surely find a way to implement them and remodel your sunroom.

Cover the Floor

Barren floors do have their charm to a certain extent.  However, a covered one gives so much more when it comes to the overall design of a room. If this is the only thing you choose to do when remodeling your sunroom one thing is for sure, it will give a strong touch of warmth to the atmosphere. Also, bearing in mind the plentitude of floor cover materials, designs, colors and patterns available, there is an infinite number of combinations you can opt for you will surely be able to pick a perfect one.

Several Ideas for Remodeling Your Sunroom

Contemporary Sunroom by Other Metro Architects & Building Designers Studio Marcelo Brito


Getting rid of the things you rarely use is probably the most efficient thing you could do. Sunrooms are supposed to be open spaces with very little furniture and accessories, especially those that block the natural light in any way. Therefore, there is no room for sentimentality here. If there are things you simply cannot part with, find them a place in other rooms and keep your sunroom decluttered at all times.

Several Ideas for Remodeling Your Sunroom

Beach Style Dining Room by Charleston Architects & Building Designers The Anderson Studio of Architecture & Design


Wood is surely one of the materials that most naturally correlates to sun and wooden items must have their place in your remodeled sunroom. What is more, with a little effort and creativity woodwork projects often prove to be a budget friendly addition. In a recent chat with the people behind a Sydney-based firm specialised in packaging supplies, I discovered that wooden crates and pallets can be used to make a useful drinks table, a bookshelf or a unique looking storage for your LP collection.

Several Ideas for Remodeling Your Sunroom

Contemporary Living Room by Santa Monica Interior Designers & Decorators Tim Clarke Design


These simple additions make a world of difference in any space and this proved to be especially true for any relaxing areas. Colorful covers and interesting patterns contribute to the vivid atmosphere and will fit perfectly in your sunlit space. There are various shapes and sizes available and you can even consider making some of them yourself. For example, sewing boxed cushions will be very useful if you like to sit on the floor, or if you have a pet who likes to have its personal comfortable space to sleep on.

Several Ideas for Remodeling Your Sunroom

Beach Style Sunroom by Woodbury Architects & Building Designers Fray Interiors


Newly painted walls are one of the easiest ways of refreshing your sunroom. Also, this is another remodeling activity that you can do yourself. Pay attention to the choice of color since it strongly effects the atmosphere. The best choice for your sunroom would be light color palettes. Adding some texture on the walls is another way to improve the outlook. However, this requires additional skills and if you are not completely certain you could do it yourself by all means hire a professional.

Several Ideas for Remodeling Your Sunroom

Tropical Porch by Naperville Interior Designers & Decorators Doreen Schweitzer Interiors, Ltd.

As you can see, most of these ideas can be turned into a DIY project. However, do not give up on them if you are not keen of doing them yourself. Hiring a professional for all suggested work you cannot do yourself will not require a large budget and the change will be immense.

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